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What is going on? Please help...

Hello dear doctor... Here is my original post:

My last test was at 93 days mark, a 4th gen test. Negative.
Also heb b and c negative.

But My body is not ok. Right now I have:
Insomnia (every night)
Follicullitis - a very strange one. Not a localized one... It appears anywhere in body... Some disapper, some remains... It is like a red bump, tha is itchy. Ther is also a hair in the center of it.
Pimples in the forehead and scalp

What is haoppenning to me? Thank you...
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Welcome back to the.  I'm sorry your problems have continued.  As we discussed on our rather prolonged exchange a month ago.  You have been repeatedly tested and examined and found not to have HIV or other STDs.  I am not going to debate your symptoms- I am sure you have insomnia and do not doubt that you have folliculitis since it is such a common problem.  However, to continue to worry that this an STD (including HIV) related to your encounter with a commercial sex worker  is inappropriate and will only delay getting to the bottom of your problems.   You need to believe your tests.

I hope this comment is helpful.  I will not engage in another extended discussion over the possibility that this could be some sort of STD related to your CSW encounter- it is not.  EWH

Please discuss your symptoms again with a good internist.  If, after taking a careful history and discussion with you, they feel that there is no evidence of an active problem then it is time to ask if talking with a counselor or other trained mental health professional might be helpful.   EWH
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Thanks for your reply....
The other possible cause could be due stress? Do you think that anxiety could cause insomnia, that could stress my body (by lack of proper sleep) and lower my immunity system, causing then folliculitis?

Im really praying to be this, because I cant find no other explanation (neither other doctors and a ton of tests)...
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Anxiety can certainly cause insomnia and heighten your symtoms.

Nothing more to say.  EWH
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Dear Doctor, I´ve been trying to do not think about it, and I´ve stopped to visit internet sites about it.
I´ve been facing this kind of folliculitis for the last 3/4 months, that is transitory (only lasts few hours / days) and happens everywere, but mostly only one folliculy at time.

Today a bump (pimple like) showed up in the roof of my mouth (palatus), and I started to freak out again. Since now 6 months have passed from the incident, I decided to test again. I just came back from the lab.

Do you think that I should be worried because of this bump in the roof of my mouth?
Thank you very much.
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This will be your last answer.  This is not indicative of HIV and should not be considered in that way.  You need to address this with the help of an internist, a dermatologist or other medical practioner whom you can interact with directly.

End of thread. EWH
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I too have been going thru similar situation. I had unprotected oral sex with a female coworkers back in January and 2 weeks later I got night sweats, fever and very fatigue. This lasted for a week if so but the the following week I got a really bad sinus infection and I couldn't even chew on one side of my teeth.
One month later I had folliculitis all over my chest they came and went for like 2 or 3 weeks. I recently started to have muscle pain and joint pain all over my body and on top of that I had white stuff on the inside of my cheeks.
I have tested negative at 8, 13, 15 and just this week at 18 weeks all negative but I still can't shake theses symptoms. I'm not sure how much of theses symptoms is my anxiety but I know that I have been very stress about this whole thing.  According to the doctors we are good and we don't have hiv since we both tested way after the window period.  I don't know what to think anymore I still feel like I'm going to test positive the next time I test but than again I thought the same after every test I took and thank god so far I've tested negative.  I know what you are going thru, people tell me to move on but it would be easier if had no symptoms but everyone I feel good about my test results I get another symptom.
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