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What is this rash?


I have this rash that started maybe 3 weeks ago.  I was wondering if it was due to HIV?

Last time I had sex was in the middle of January once unprotected and once with protected with 2 different girls.  The rash started 2-3 weeks ago.  It started out of no where.  Just a bunch of small pimple like bumps that after a couple days turned into what you see in the picture.  It would kinda dry out and I put some hydrocortisone on it.  Seemed to help a little bit, just a little.  The rash looks to be going away.  And in the picture it looks like its going away.  Also, it was a little more red in the picture bout a week ago, not much tho.  It doesnt hurt or itch.  

Also, I have genital herpes.  And before the rash I had a slight sore throat and a herpes outbreak.  then towards the end of the rash which started yesterday after I went for a run I have a stomach ache that just kinda feels like a slight hang over, but usually resides when im busy or have ate recently.  Also, my roommate complained about maybe having the flu, but I have had the flu shot.  

I also took one of those OraQuick Hiv at home test (negative) 8 weeks after possible exposure.  Would that be accurate??

I cant get the picture to load so Ive attached a link to it.  

Let me know what you think??
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Welcome to the (correct) forum -- after your question was moved from teh Living with HIV forum.  Thanks for your question.

We don't examine posted clinical photographs on this forum.  We aren't dermatologists, and in our views this comes too close to practicing medicine from afar.  It is not the purpose of this or any other online forum to provide firm diagnoses or other kinds of direct medical care -- just general advice.

But I'm still sure your rash isn't due to HIV, for several reasons.  HIV never causes rash as the only symptom; there would always be other symptoms, especially fever and sore throat. From yrour description, this doesn't sound like the right kind of rash.  The timing is wrong; ARS and its rash would start within 2-3 weeks of the exposure, not 6 weeks later.  Finally, if the rash were caused by HIV, your HIV oral fluids test would have been positive.  HIV antibody is always present within 1-2 weeks after onset of ARS.

For definitive proof you don't have HIV, you'll need a blood test at any time, or another oral fluids test at 12 weeks or more after exposure.  The oral fluids tests take a bit longer than the blood tests to become positive -- blood tests are fine at 8 weeks, but the oral fluids test in general should be avoided before at least 12 weeks have passed.

Thee rash doesn't sound serious, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with your sexual exposures in January.  But if it persists or you remain concerned, have it professionally examined,

Best regards--  HHH, MD
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