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Why is kissing no risk?

In this site you all say that deep kissing is a zero risk activity. But i really would like to understand why. I know that saliva doesn't transmit hiv and that it has properties that inactivates hiv.

But what can happen if there is blood present in saliva?

1. Doesn't blood in contact with mucous membrane poses a risk of transmission? Does salive inactivates ALL virus in the blood?

2. And if the person has high viral load? And if the other had sores. For example, I had esophagitis of degree A at the time i french kissed. Does this make the french kiss a risk?

3. You say that you don't know any documented cases of transmission through deep kissing but the CDC has one and they even recommend not to engage in deep kissing with an infected person. This case is not true? "www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00048364.htm"

4. Are there any studies dedicated only to transmission through french kiss? And if there are no studies how can we say there is no risk?

5. If there is no risk with kissing because of the saliva properties why there is a risk (even low risk) for the person who preforms oral sex? Shouldn't be the same risk?

6. Usually is given the example of the studies with serodiscordant couples but in those cases, because they are in treatment, don't they have low viral loads and they are not very infectious?

7. I also can imagine that if a person does deep kiss and unprotected oral sex if there is hiv transmission it will be attributed to oral sex, no?

Sorry to make all those questions. I just want to understand why deepkissin is zero risk.

After 12 days of french kiss with a girl i developed sore throat that lasted 4 days. No more symptoms but enough to make me crazy.

Can sore throat alone be a symptom of ARS? I imagine is not easy to identify cases that manifested only sore throat as the only ARS symptom because nobody goes to a hospital just for a sore throat and nobody remembers it later, no?
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Welcome to our site.  Here at MedHelp we maintain the right to delete questions with no educational value and no basis in fact.  I considered doing this.  Instead I will provide you with my thoughts on your concerns a single time. There will be no follow-ups.

So, to cut to the chase, you want to use a single 13 year old report of a man with known HIV who did not follow medical advice designed to prevent HIV-related infections, to justify that HIV can be transmitted by kissing even though in the same article at that time (13 years ago) the article also says clearly that none of over 500,000 (that's half a MILLION) cases reported to the CDC was attributed to kissing.  Sorry, I think the report is suspect.  Perhaps it does happen once in a very, very great while.  In science we never say never but when put in the context of your concern related to deep kissing a woman of unknown HIV status and realizing the rarity of such events, your risk of HIV from the exposure you describe must be 1 out of billions, if not trillions.  I think that is effectively zero and again, that is IF you chose to believe a 13 year old report of a patient known not to follow life prolonging medical advice.  HMMMMMM  I do not consider this to be meaningful documentation.

Also, since you seem to like that bit of unsubstantiated ancient history , I will recount for you the reasons that HIV transmission through saliva is so very rare, IF it even happens at all- "1) saliva inhibits HIV-1 infectivity (4 ); 2) HIV is infrequently isolated from saliva (5); 3) none of the approximately 500,000 cases of AIDS reported to CDC have been attributed to exposure to saliva; 4) levels of HIV are low in the saliva of HIV-infected persons, even in the presence of periodontal disease (6); and 5) transmission of HIV in association with kissing has not been documented in studies of nonsexual household contacts of HIV-infected persons (7). However, rare bite-related instances of HIV transmission from exposure to saliva contaminated with HIV-infected blood have been reported."

I really think that if you must worry, you have better things to worry about, like getting hit by lightning or drowning in a tidal wave while reading this.  

And no, a sore throat alone is not ARS.

You need to stop worrying and move on. EWH
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Was i rude?
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My doubts were about saliva contaminated with blood and not about saliva alone.

The answers are the same?
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Yes, the answers are the sameif blood is present in saliva.  EWH
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Last question Doc. Sorry.

You say that saliva inhibits HIV-1 infectivity. And  what about HIV-2 infectivity?
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Sigh........yes, HIV-2 also.

the thread is over.  EWH
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Thanks for deciding to answer that.

Your adamant response eased my mind too. Even the "bad" questions can be educational for the irrationally scared.
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Glad to help.  EWH
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