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Worried 777

Good morning DR HHH

Im 33 male who took a girl from a bar for one night stand
This was 2 weeks ago...

We had sex two times ( protected ) , 10 to 15 mins. Each time .

Im really worried about three things

1. The condom slipped off and was in side her for i think less than a minuet .   Not sure
2. I had one open sore that the condom didn't cover in the end of my penis , and this sore i think it was because of shaving .. ( it was red and big )

After the expose , from day 8 , i got sore throat you can say its mild , feel ill  , lazy , watery eye , coughing and headeck and i got swollen lymph under my both jows and .. So it's been six days now..
I know that my sore throat is viral and not bacterial because it is  red in the end of my throat and there is no white things .  

. Since yesterday i feel little pain under both ears , groin and armpits , but I'm  not sure about these three last little pain because   I think it is my fear ...
The good think i have no fever ,  

Can you help me please and advice me DR

1. What is my hiv risk from what i wrote ?
Because the tip of penis wasn't covered whole time and i received unprotected oral from her  

2. What about my symptoms ?

3. Can i have sex with my partner ?

4. I tested last time 5 months ago for all STDs, should i test or just move on ?

PS . The girl that i had sex with her , had some unprotected sex with other guys and she told me she doesn't if i wanna do it unprotected but i said its better to be protected for both if us ...

I hope you answer me doctor I'm really worried . Thank you    
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Welcome to the forum.  FYI, it is by chance I'm answering your question.  Dr. Hook and I take questions in rotation, without regard to requests for either of us.  Our styles differ, but our opinions and advice rarely do.

Good move to use a condom, since your partner can be assumed to be at high risk for STDs, being the sort who has sex with men she's just met.  It's fair to assume this isn't new behavior for her.  However, it's unlikely she has HIV (probably no higher than 1 chance in 1,000), even if other STDs are a good bet.  In any case, given the brief period of unprotected vaginal exposure, and with oral sex being inherently low risk, it's unlikely you were infected with HIV or other STDs.  The apparent shaving wound probably makes little difference.  To your questions:

1) The average risk of HIV for a single epsiode of unprotected vaginal sex, if the woman has HIV, is around 1 in 2,000.  Combining that with 1 in 1,000 chance she's infected comes to an overall risk of 1 in 2 million.  Probably lower than that, given the brevety of exposure.  However, the chance of other STDs is higher, especially for gonorrhea or chlamydia.  Herpes is a possibility, but unlikely since you haven't had typical symptoms.  Syphilis is theoretically a consideration, but currently very rare in this sort of setting -- probably as low or lower than for HIV.

2) Your symptoms are typical for a garden variety upper respiratory infection and not for HIV or any STD.

3,4) From an HIV and syphiilis standpoint, I would say it's safe to have sex with your regular partner.  Not so certain for gonorrhea and chlamydia, though.  I would suggest testing for them before having unprotected sex at home.  Fortunately, the urine or urethral swab test for these is accurate any tme more than a 3-2 days after exposure and can be done now.  If you want 100% assurance about syphilis and HIV, you'll have to wait 4-6 weeks for conclusive testing.

A quicker path to certainty would be to get in touch with your bar partner, if you can.  Suggest the two of you get tested simultaneously for all these infections.  (You may find she's as worried about your sexual health as you are about hers.)  If you both have negative resuls on all tests, you will both know you weren't exposed and can safely have sex with your regular partner(s).

I hope this has helped.  Best wishes and stay safe--    HHH, MD
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Good day DR

Thank you for reply ...

Im sorry i can not see the girl again because where are not from the same city ...

Can you please tell. Me about the red spot i had , did you mean that it was a risk , the spot was like the same of red spots which come on the face  and then you see white thing come out when you squeeze it ...

And the other important question is about my sore throat and stiff neck , it has been 8 days now is that normal , including my other symptoms ,

I say that according to all articles on the internet that sore throat is ARS ...

Can you please explain to me ...

And yes , i have done urine test for sTD on the fifth day and i was negative

My concern is about hiv , souled i relax , even if we assume that she was infected .

Thanks again DR            
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Re-read my replies above carefully -- all these additional questions are answered there.

I thought the red bump was a shaving wound. But whether it was or not, I don't think it made any difference in your risk.

Your symptoms may have some things in common with new HIV infections, but they are more typical for colds and similar infections -- and these are thousands of times more common than HIV, even in people who have had high risk exposure.

Presumably your STD tests on urine were for gonorrhea and chlamydia.  You can rely on the negative results.

As I said above, I cannot give you 100% assurance you didn't catch HIV.  It is very unlikely, but only a blood test will tell for certain.  You will have to make your own decision about sex with your wife.  If it were me, I would have sex with my wife without worry.
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Thank you again for your reply DR

It seems i had a low risk which make feel better ?

Allow me to ask you one last question please

1. Is the duo test reliable after two weeks or i should do it after 28 days  ?

2. Is it possible to have sore throat and swollen lymph with no fever from the 8th days as an ARS ?

3. Should i really don't worry and move on ?

Thank you again doctor , these are my last questions , and i would be really happy if you answer me ... Because i cant sleep and cant stop thinking ...  
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1) The HIV duo test is probably about 80% reliable at 2 weeks.  Four weeks for 100%.

2) Is is "possible"?  Probably.  Is it likely?  No.

3) I haven't changed my mind.

That will end this thread.  Time to move on.
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Thank you for your help

Can you allow me to ask one last question please ..

It has been 20 days and i still have sore throat ,

If i do combo test by now , would my sore throat effect the result ? Or i should wait until i get better ...
Any advice ?
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Nothing has any effect on HIV test reliability.  Your sore throat will make no difference.  But why test now for only ~90% reliability.  Wait another week for 100%.

That's definitely all for this thread.
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