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Worried well, Anxeity killing me

Hi Dr Hook & Dr. Hunter,

I am male from India, my exposure was on March 24 2013 with a female prostitute from Kenya. I used condoms during the vaginal sex but no condom during oral sex, she gave me blow job on my penis. There was NO visible tear in condom  after i finished the vaginal sex.

Here is my test report after the exposure date.

Triline Rapid HIV/HIV2 Antibody Test  after 40 Days: Negative

Elisa Antibody Test HIV/HIV2 after 58 Days: Non-Reactive

Triline Rapid HIV/HIV2 Antibody Test after 90 Days: Negative

TRIDOT Flow through Immunofiltration HIV/HIV2 Antibody Test after 4.5 months : Non- Reactive

TRIDOT Flow through Immunofiltration HIV/HIV2 Antibody Test after 6 months : Non- Reactive

CMIA 4th generation  P24+HIV/HIV2 Antibody Test after 6 months : Non- Reactive

TRIDOT Flow through Immunofiltration HIV/HIV2 Antibody Test after 8 months : Non- Reactive

All these tests point that i am HIV negative.

I am married man, still afraid of planning family, i am confused, paranoid or maybe OCD is effecting me, anxiety is killing me.

AM I really HIV NEGATIVE and my results are CONCLUSIVE ???

Is there any chance of Hepatitis B/C from the above exposure??

help me Docs.
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Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be pleased to comment and have a suggestion.  I reviewed your interactions on the HIV Community site and agree entirely with them.  You have not only proven repeatedly that you did not get HIV following your virtually no risk exposure (You do not know that your partner had HIV, there are no cases of HIV proven to follow receipt of unprotected oral sex, and condom protected sex is safe sex) but you have over tested, wasting time and money.  You can be confident that you did not get HIV from the encounter you describe and do not need further testing.  Fears of "delayed seroconversion" are an urban myth sustained on the internet but not scientifically substantiated in any way.  

My advice to you is the following:
1.  Stop testing related to the exposure you have described.
2.  Stay off of the internet.
3.  Seek professional counseling with a mental health professional.  Your problem may well relate to either an irrational fear of HIV or shame and guilt related to the exposure you have described.  In either case, counseling, not more testing will be most helpful.

I hope these comments are helpful to you.  EWH
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Late seroconversions fears, Not able to believe  the scientific evidence as my test reports, last 4 tests [Tridot & CMIA]were done by CDC accredited lab www.lalpathlabs.com. Still the psychological fear is draining me like anything.

Is there even a slightest chance that i could turn positive from that exposure.?

my anxiety driven questions is making me behave stupid.
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Thanxz Doc,

I think its irrational psychological fear which is disturbing me.
I will seek counselling from mental health professional.

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