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Worrysome Symptoms

Hi Doctor, thanks for your time...

I'm a 31 y/o hetero non drug using male.  I've been sexually active since 19, mostly long term relationships.  I'd only been sexually active with 8 women, and maybe a handful of times had unprotected sex with a girlfriend.  However, for the first (and last) time I visited a CSW in Amsterdam (one of the window girls) around the end of August.  I used protection and had vaginal intercourse, and I didn't think much of it at the time as it seemed pretty sterile.  

About 10 weeks later in mid November, I broke out in a skin rash.  It's hard to explain exactly what the rash is but it started with something like an abscess on my right inner thigh, then I started to get bumps all over my back.  They seemed to get worse w/exercise.  Since then, I've had a few of these all over my body occasionally, and they sort of resemble boils and persist even now. Some of them would eventually end up looking like bruises and would take a while to fade away.  I still have one purple spot on my right ankle that is mostly faded but has been there for about 4 months.

I then went for a physical.  The only things they found wrong were my cholesterol (high ldl, low hdl, high trig), and crackles in my lower left lung.  I then went to a doctor, and he had me do a chest xray and found a "tiny bit of fluid" and also found elevated liver levels in my blood work.  I took 10 days of keflex.  The fluid has cleared. He also gave me triamcinolone for one of the newer itchy rashes on my leg.  He said I had fatty liver.

I now have what seems like a couple of molluscum contagiosum spots on my face (flat and clear) and I think I now have mild oral thrush on my tongue (I can scrape off white spots on my tongue).  

1. Would my doctor know that something is wrong from my bloodwork if it's HIV?
2. Could it be syphilis or something else?

I've been VERY stressed for 4 months, and I know that some of it is probably the stress, but I don't think that explains everything.
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You ran out of space because there is a limit on the length of posts accepted for this site.  I have read your  post rather than just deleting it or telling you to restate your questions more succinctly which is what I probably should have done.

Your risk for HIV is low.  The CSWs in the Amsterdam windows are licensed and checked regularly for HIV.  Your other partners sound to be low risk.  Nothing in the tale you tell is suggestive of HIV and behaviorally your risk is low.  My advice would be just to stop messing around with "could it be"s and get an HIV test.  You will get an answer which will most likely be that you do not have HIV.   A result at this time will be 100% reliable.  Messing around with other blood tests is not a wise strategy.

As for your other problems, once you get HIV out of the way you can work on them with your doctor.  EWH
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Sorry to post in the comments, but I rant out of space and felt I left a lot out.  I just wanted to mention that I do feel kind of spacey and tired a lot, and back in January when I got my first chest xray, when I completely exhaled and took a deep breath I would feel kind of woozy.  Also I took those antibiotics 2 months ago and it's the last few weeks I started to notice the thrush (could have been there longer though).  I plan to see my doctor later this week too.  Maybe my stress and whatever was in my lungs has affected my immunity? Thanks.
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Thanks for the response.  The reason I did so is because I can't possibly think of what would cause symptoms like mine for 4 months and there seem to be a lot of them.  The things that particularly bother me are the molluscum on the face (my face has also been getting mildly flakey after showering/shaving) and what appears to be oral thrush in my mouth every morning (my mouth gets dry and if I scrape my toothbrush against the white things that appear on my tongue just enough they come off and my tongue bleeds just a little).  My hands also get numb more easily when I'm asleep, so I have to move them a little so I can feel them.  These combined with fluid in the lung and abnormal liver results frighten me.  It seems like too much of a coincidence, I know SOMETHING is wrong.  Could you think of any other disease or situation that would lead me to have symptoms like these?

I haven't told my doctor about all my symptoms yet, but I do plan on seeing him Friday.  The visit I had with him in January was very short, and he just wanted me to get a CBC and xray at the time.  I meant to discuss ALL my symptoms, but I guess I was anxious and thought anything wrong would just come up in the blood work.

I just wanted a second opinion from someone who is a specialist in the field first.  I will admit that I'm afraid to hear that I'm positive and all that comes with it, because if that happens my life will change immediately.  I know statistically my chances are low, but I've never felt sick for 4 months with symptoms like these.  I hadn't even had to visit a doctor since I was 16 before all this.  This is the first time in my life I'm genuinely fearful for my health.  Anyway, thanks again.
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I am happy to provide you with advice. That is the purpose of the Forum.  At the same time, advice given over the internet by a physician who cannot examine you and tell you whether or not you have thrush and/or molluscum is really not a substitute for interactions with a health care professional who can take a more complete history and examine you.

At this time, you are diagnosing yourself, I believe.  To be worryng about these things for 4 months is really not in your best interest.  You assume that you have thrush and molluscum and that if you do, they must be related to HIV.   Both molluscum and oral candidiasis are common problems in persons who do not have HIV and there are many problems which can mimic each of these processes,  Before you assume the worse, I urge you to be sure of what you have and to define your HIV status.  If you are not comfortable asking your own doctor directly for an HIV test, then you should go somewhere that they are readily available and get one.  Your local health department is such a place for the HIV test.  A dermatologist can help you with the issue of molluscum and perhaps thrush as well.

Please let us know what you doctors say.  EWH
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Hi Doctor,

I know it's been a long time, but after doing many tests, I FINALLY asked my doctor for an HIV test (as well as lyme).  Today, I just got my results and the HIV-1 and 2 Antibodies test shows non-reactive.  It says the assay performed was the Siemens Chemiluminometric Immunoassay.  So can I be relieved to know that HIV is definitely NOT my problem?

Unfortunately, some of my symptoms are still present.  I have been feeling a lot better lately, but I'm still getting some skin issues like really dry flaky skin on my arms, and for a while I was getting numb hands and feet (especially when waking up in the morning, though it's mostly gone away now).  Just a couple of weeks ago I was getting tired throughout the day and just resting my arm on a table for a minute would make my hand go numb

I've now ruled out HIV, lyme, B12 deficiency, and my doctor also did what looks like an IFE serum test (in which nothing was detected).  I don't have insurance at the moment, and I can't really afford to see my doctor all the time, so any ideas of what direction I should look into if anything so I can just take care of this once and for all and have complete peace of mind? Thanks again.
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Sometimes sorting these things out is a process of elimination.  You have eliminated HIV and several other things.  You need now to work with a doctor whom you trust to continue to address the problem.  Sadly it may take time and more tests.  I suspect you will be to the bottom of this --persevere.  EWH
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