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acute flu, transmission

Hi First I want to thank you for your knowledge and much help on this subject, Im like many of the others on here. I have made a decsion I wish i didnt, and now I am trying to figure out your best insight on prognosis and transmission.  I had anal sex recitively with a guy, but with protection.  Im not so worried about that.  We both gave each other oral , unprotected for maybe a couple of minutes.., not too long.  not either of us ejaculated.  This has been the 3rd week since the incident.  This last week, I have been feeling a little flushed, and some chills. , when i take my temperature. it seems fine. I woke up today, and have a really bad sore throat. the uvula in the middle is really swollen and red.. assuming pharyngitis.. Still no really fever.  I will say i am in graduate sschool with clinic , and my life is unbearably stressful.. So , maybe my question is , what is ur opinion on transmission during unprotected oral, and if u would show symptoms of pharyngitis during the acute flu stage, would u have a high temperature?  Thanks so much
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Welcome to the Forum. I note that you do not mention your partner's HIV status. This suggests you do not know it.  If this is indeed the course, odds are your partner did not have HIV.   In the future, I suggest you ask your partners about their status. Most people tell the truth.

The exposures you describe did not put you at risk for HIV.  Your anal exposure was condom protected and HIV has never been documented to be spread through oral sex.  Thus, the activities you describe i not put you at risk.

The flu like illness you describe is coincidence, not HIV.  While the symptoms of HIV are those of a flu-like illness and the symptoms you describe are among those described with early HIV, I would not worry about HIV.  Since I suspect my reassurance will not completely resolve your concerns and you will want to be tested, I will also point out that if these symptoms were due to HIV, your HIV blood test will be positive within 7-10 days after the symptoms began.

I hope these comments are helpful. Try not to worry an I hope your sore throat gets better soon. EWH
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Thank you so much for your time
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