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effect of prednasone on HIV antibody test result.

   I was give some antiboitics pills and prednasone pills when i was about 6 years old for treating a condition. I had to take all the pills everyday for three years, so until 9 years old, when the condition was treated. I have read about the prednasone/prednasolone immunesuppression and all that. and right now i am 30 years old. Almost 24 years have passed, due you think my body would still be immunesuppressed for taking the prednasone/prednasolone pills for 3 years, almost 24 years ago. I dont remember the dosage doctor, does it depend on the dosage also.
Do you think i will be a late seroconvertor.
My exposure is unprotected sex risk exposure in Feb 2009 and i had tested negative for HIV1/HIV2 antibody test and hepatitis panel after 9 months after the exposure.
I have read that immunesuppression can cause to hide the antibodies, so that is why i am worried. If that is the case then which test should i take? Will the prednasone pill affect the HIV antibody test or the Hepatitis panel tests or delay the window period?
Also the antibiotics i took, will they affect the HIV tests or Hepatitis panel test or the window period?
Can a person still be immunesuppressed for taking the prednasone/prednasolone pills 24 years back, irrespective of the dosage?

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Welcome to our Forum.  I believe you have some misunderstandings about the effect of your childhood prednisone therapy on your test results.  I will do my best to help clarify things.  

Your correct that prednisone and other steroid medications can sometimes hinder of delay the development of antibodies HOWEVER this effect is only present during the time that one is taking the steroid medication. Thus, irrespective of dosage and duration, your childhood treatment with prednisone and antibiotics will in no way hinder your ability to produce antibodies had you acquired HIV now as an adult.  Your test results are accurate.

Other than for persons who have recently taken anti-HIV therapy in efforts to prevent infection and PERHAPS profoundly immunosuppressed persons such as those taking cancer therapy, "late seroconversion" is about as close to an urban myth for you as it gets.  This in no way a concern for you, based on the information you have provided.

The mathematical risk of getting HIV or hepatitis from a single unprotected exposure to a partner of unknown infection status is very, very low.  In your own case,   your 9 month test results should be considered reliable.  There is no reason for you to have any further concern about this exposure, nor any reason for further testing.  

I hope this comment is helpful to you.  EWH

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Dr. Hook,
  I am so sorry I mean prednisone/prednisolone. I was taking 2 antibotics pills and one prednisone pill every day by mouth for three years.

Combination of those antibiotic pills and prednisone pill every day, will that have any effect?
I am sorry I am asking because, I have read that prednisone can stay in the system, but mine was at child hood doctor, and so many years back.

Can I move on? Can I have sex with my wife, I want to plan for a baby?

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Predisone and prednisilone are related steriod drugs. This does not change my advice.  You can certainly move on.  There is nothing you have told me that suggests that there is any danger to your wife from the exposures you described.  EWH
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Dr. they used those 2 antibiotics and prednisone oral pills everyday to cure a skin patch, which they suspected as a severe condition. I am originally from India.

My exposure risk is unprotected sex with a girl I met in a bar, and I don’t know anything about her. I asked her, about her HIV status, she said she never got tested, she also said that her past boyfriend used to go and have sex with prostitutes.

Do you think may be I need to get tested for the virus itself because of the prednisone usage? I am really worried about this.

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You have repeatedly asked th e same question., Why do you think I would change my answer?  For the last time, your childhood medications would in no way effect your likelyhood of having a positive HIV test.  Believe your test results.  You do not have HIV.  EWH
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