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herpes zoster - shingle

Hello Dr.  I am a 43 years old hispanic male.  About 6 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a prostitute.  During that time I was feeling physically strong and in good shape.  Also, before, during and after the time I had unprotected sex,  I was under a lot of emotional stress to the point that I was not sleeping well.  Six weeks after having unprotected sex, I had shingles.  While I had the shingles I was feeling well, strong, not tired and continued doing my daily activities, I did not have any other symptoms or abnormalities with my body besides the shingles.  The shingles lasted three weeks and now I feel fine, no scars and I feel physically good.  I am terrified that everything I have read about shingles, HIV is mentioned.  I know an HIV test is the best way to find out but I also wanted to get your professional opinion.  Should I be very concerned?
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Shingles is shingles and usually nothing more than shingles.  It is a common problem in middle aged and older persons and rarely a sign of HIV.  (I had it myself 3 years ago.)  (Sorry to break it to you, but 43 is middle aged!)  "Feeling, well, strong..." etc has nothing to do with it; I was in great shape when I had my case.

In other words, your shingles is merely a coincidence.  Of course it was dumb to have sex with a commercial partner without a condom; but it has nothing to do with your shingles.  Also, when shingles occurs in HIV infected people, it isn't part of the initial HIV infection; it occurs in people who have had HIV for years.

To be conservative and careful, most doctors would recommend an HIV test in people with shingles.  So would I.  But you can expect a negative result.

I hope this helps.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Thanks for your insight on my case.  I had two HIV tests a year ago and both came negative.  You have gigen me peace of mind.  I guess I have to face that I am getting old, and as you said, I am a "middle aged man".  Thanks again
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