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hiv concern
I am sexualy active gay men and i took eryc-333 mg (erytromycin) 4 days ago,(just on pill)
the next day i saw circle yellowish brown bruise on my right arms.now its getting better.
is it pissible that antibiotics such as erytromycine cuase easy bruising.????
and easy bruising is the sighn of early hiv sypthoms.????if so how long it last.i read somwhere if i bruise it wont go away if i have hiv.
I tested for hiv 6 months ago and it was negative.
I am really concerned.
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You say nothing about other reasons to be concerned about HIV but, before I address your question, if you are sexually active with new or multiple partners and having unprotected intercourse, we would urge you, as we do for all of our clients, to get regularly tested for HIV.  There is nothing in your question to make me think that you are at higher or lower risk than others who we interact with on this forum, this is a recommendation we make to all.

As for your question.  Easy bruising is not a regular side effect for erythromycin.  At the same time, most antibiotics have a wide variety of side effects including changes in bruising and skin rashes.  In my experience however when I have patients who have bruises they can't explain, the issue is having missed a bump or other minor trauma that they did not think about further until the bruise appeared.  

Easy bruising is not a sign of early HIV infection although it may occurred in persons with advanced infection.  Since you had a negative test about 6 months ago, you need not worry about this.

Please don't be concerned.  If you have further bruising you should see your doctor but a single unexplained bruise which is getting better is nothing to worry about.  Hope this helps.  Take care.  EWH
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