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hiv positive?

hi..i had a risky sexual encounter about 4 to 5 years ago. intercourse happened once, oral as well. about a month ago i started getting a slight testicular aching which would shift from left testicle to right. it burned once when i urinated. i took a urine test..and a trace of blood was found in the urinalysis.i was also urintaing frequently. i went to see a urologist. he asked if had any risky sexual contact recently..and i told him i have been sexually inactive for 1 year and a half.he prescribed ciprofloaxacin( for 10 days ) and a ultrasound for pelvic and abdomen(results showed no problems ) the day i saw him..i started getting small cramping feeling that would come and go in lower back. but no testicular acheing..no burning. i have been on the meds for 6 days and i don't see a big improvement.  i read that cipro does not work on viruses. i went over an extensive list of hiv symptoms over the net. i never had rash...thrush..serious headaches..ect... but i did read that prostatis is a symptom. years before the risky sexual encounter..i had bowel issues ( stress and diet ) my question is this...everywhere i read..i see uti's in men could mean hiv..and i'm terrified. other than this " uti " ..i don't really have any of the other symptoms. but since the ciprofloaxacin isn't cureing me..does this mean i have hiv or can it be realted to past bowel issues. i am terrified doc..please help.
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Your symptoms are in no way typical of HIV and you need not worry about this further (nor for that matter, other STDs from your encounter five years ago).  Prostatitis is actually not overly common in males with HIV.  I do not know what your symptoms are due to and am pleased that you are working with a urologist on this.  You are doing the right thing.  Worry about STDs is the wrong thing.  Stick with the urologist.

Good luck.  EWH

p.s.  the tests he performed are not tests for STD.  this suggests to me that he, with the benefit of being able to examine you, is not worried about STD either. EWH
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the urologist also asked that i take an extensive urine analysis ( 3 seperate samples over 3 day period ) the appointment was quick..no real examinination. could the urine sample be the test for std? i appreciate your time doctor..and thankyou.
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by the way..doc wouldn't this problem i have be considered an oppurtunistic infection?...which is common from what i read with hiv..
last question..i promise.    thanks
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