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hiv test reliability

hello Doctor i going to the rapid blood test before on one day I took 2 capsules (cialis and i everyday taking oil fish omega3)

can cialis or   oil fish omega3 affect an  hiv test rapid  reliability or any test for hiv ?
maybe this  capsules have any effect on antibody test
i think  cialis and omega3 like steroids sexual may give a false negative result,  maybe could have eliminated or masked HIV antibodies in my blood when i test
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The HIV blood tests are among the most accurate tests that exist, for any medical condition.  There are no health problems or medications that change reliability or the window period, with the theoretical exception of terminal illnesses and potent chemotherapy or immunosuppressive drugs.  Cialis and standard doses of steroids do not do so -- and for sure there is no effect from vitamins, fish oil, or other nutritional supplements.

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thanks dr H. Hunter
ok i have last question
when rapid test  the results will be quite after 8 week  ?
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Already answered by Dr. Hook.
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