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hiv test

Around in July 2007, i had protected  with a CSW. The incident
made me uncomfortable hence i went for a early detection DNA
PCR test for hiv, early detection test for herpes 1/2,hepatitis
B & C, Chlymadia ,Gonohrrea and syphilis.All came back negative.
Around 3 months or so around close to October 2007, i started
experiencing pain while urinating , i requested a repeat test
for hiv antibody test, herpes 1 & 2,hep b & C and all the other
stds.All tests came back negative.

I went to my doctor, showed him all the test reports, he told
me that my current problem was urethritis and gave me medication
In 2-3 days the pain went away and i was fine.I was happy with my
life and went ahead concentrated on my career.

After 2 years from June 2007, i had to give an hiv test for my
immigration medicals, my doctor told me my hiv test was fine
and i cleared my medicals.I later fell into a relationship and
got married, i was sexually inactive till the period i fell
for my current partner. Just recently in june my wife had a medical
examination for immigration which went well, but later the government
requested to redo her medicals because to our horrors we found out
thats her elisa test was positive but her western blot was negative
for both hiv1 and hiv2.My wife and i are shocked because we never
got involved in any behaviour which could expose us to hiv. Now
i feel guilty that maybe am i infected? and did pass some virus to
my wife, although i was always negative in my tests? . The CSW incident which happened
3 years ago upsets me i feel miserable,Doctor please advice
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Welcome to our Forum.  From what you tell me, you do not have HIV.  The sexual exposure you describe was condom protected and therefore did not put you at risk for HIV.  Since then you have had multiple negative tests which have confirmed that you do not have HIV.

Your wife's test is what we call a "false positive".  There are a very small number of persons who do not have HIV but who have reactive ELISA tests. When these people are then tested using the Western Blot the test is negative.  Persons with HIV have both positive ELISA and a positive Western blot.  In some people the false positive ELISA tests are transient and go away in a few months, in others their false positive ELISAs are present for life. Either way, it is important that persons with false positive ELISAs know that they have these tests and so that they will not worry.

I hope this explanation will help you not to worry as well. If you wish to prove to yourself that you do not have HIV you could have another HIV test.  I am confident that it will be negative.  EWH
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