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just to be sure

had unprotected oral sex for about 10 seconds i was giving it , tasted pre ***
had protected anal sex no ejaculation this all happen on feb 6 2007
ten days later had a 24 hour bug with fever, diarhrea and nausea, after that was fine.
may 11, 2007 had an attack of pancreatitis have trouble with that before, was on cipro and flagyl
got out of the hospital all blood counts were back to normal by the the 16 of may, had denuded areas on my tongue that wouldnt go away , they put me on nystatin,  took an oral rapid test on may 31 neg , mid july broke out with mild case of shingles , they put me on valtrex, i am 55 and very stressed out all year, did  rapid test on aug 15 2007 neg. was okay for the next two months was still obsessing about hiv, had my dr give me a viral load test in nov 2007 and cd4 count and percentage, viral load undectable down to 48 copies , report said test could not be done hiv 1 rna not detected. cd4 was 717  percentage was 42.2 on the 27 of dec had diverticulitis(mild case) had me on i v flagy and cipro and than gave me avalox to take home. meanwhile denuded areas came back, dec 31 went to the v a and had elisa done (third gen bio rad hiv1/hiv2 plus o) supposely 99.84-100 percent sensitive, it was neg.
1. being that i was sick with pancreatitis two weeks before the first test could my immune system been low enough not to produce antibodies
2, the second test was done 4 weeks after a mild outbreak of shingles could that of prevented my body from producing antibodies, also what about the valtrex preventing antibodies,
3. the elisa test was given to me 3 days after i got out of the hospital with diverticulitis and was on all those antibiotics, could that have prevented me from producing antibodies.
currently having another bout of denuded areas from the avalox was on 2 rounds of it.
4. how sure can i be that i am neg the last test was done at 11 months, no other exposures happened.
5.once you have ars, do antibodies stay with you
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Boy, you've had a run of bad luck and troublesome illnesses but what you do not have is HIV.  Your exposure is inconsistent with HIV and your tests are negative.  Non of the inter-current illnesses or problems would have influenced your tests to hide the HIV diagnosis.

As for your specific questions:

1.  No
2.  No no effect of valtrex, no effect of shingles.
3.  No, no effect of antibiotics.
4.  Be absolutely sure, you do not have HIV
5.  ARS precedes antibody formation.  After that, you have antibodies for life.

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i thought giving oral was a risk? i have had the denuded areas come back about 4 times, twice i can blame on antibiotics , cant figure out the other times. everytime i google reoccurring atrophic candidiasis it comes up with hiv, so that freaks me out.Also i have read that eating anything acidic would make my tongue hurt , ate an orange and it didnt burn at all . can stress becausing this , i tend to run high on my glucose 130 to 145 can that do it? sorry for the inquiry but it really has been ruining my life. how sick does one have to be for the body not to produce antibodies?
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Giving oral - no risk.  You clearly have a problem and it may be your diabetes but you do not have HIV.  Stop wandering the internet gathering unreliable information and see a health care provider.  EWH
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Okay i promise this will be my last request to you, if by some chance the candidia problem i am having was from hiv that would mean i would be in symptomatic stage, surely the three antibody test would of showed positive in this stage of the disease. second thing if i was that rare person who didnt produce antibodies to hiv the pcr rna test i had at 9 months would of showed a viral load since there were no antibodies ,right. i am searching for a good diagnostician dr who will investigate the cause more, since i think i have excluded hiv, unfortunately being gay and having these symptoms you tend to think of hiv first. thank you for your  patients and like i said this is the last question. have a nice day
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Each of the points you make is exactly right.  Being gay does not immediately mean that you have HIV, nor does it mean that you can't and don't get the same sorts of problems as persons with opposite sex partners.  I have faith that you will be successful in finding a provider who can address your concerns without jumping to conclusions.  If he/she needs to do one HIV test as a prelude to further work-up, let them.  then you can move forward.  EWH
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as promised not asking another question, just wished you didnt put that last sentence in your last reply about doing another test.
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