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lower lobe pneumonia/ symptoms?

I take HIV/ STD tests yearly.  My last 1 was a few months ago & all was negative. The window in that line of testing was 7 weeks past the last intercourse activity (I should have waited another week to be at 8 wks). It was unprotected with a woman I know (non-drug user, in her 40's, works with me).

About a month ago, I had cunninglingus & mutual masturbation with another woman, I recently met. About 2 weeks ago, I had a very short duration of PROTECTED sex, along with cunninglingus & mutual masturbation (no oral from her) with this same woman. She sort of bothered me though, she wanted me to take the condom off & ejaculate inside of her (I didn't). She is not a drug-user, & is in her mid 30's, with children. She says she does HIV/ STD testing yearly, & she is due up for her next physical, but has always been clean in the past. She says that she rarely uses condoms, but has only been with maybe 5 or 6 people in the last few years. Almost always, I use condoms.

I try not to pay any attention to symptoms & all, but my chest was hurting, coughing alot, etc, went to the doc, had x-rays done and was told that I had "lower lobe pneumonia".  I was a little shocked, to be honest & have never heard of it either.  Also, I do smoke cigarettes.  I did some reading on this & it usually comes w/ the symptoms of very high fevers, etc of which I never had any.  Just the coughing up mucus & sore chest area, but I am sure my smoking isn't helping that either. She prescribed Levaquin (10 days).

My questions would be, considering that I only went 7 wks vs. 8 wks for my last HIV testing (again, a few months ago, unprotected), & the recent protected event (except for the cunninglingus) that I had, should I be in worry of any HIV and/ or STD's from either of those?

Is lower lobe pneumonia any indication of a seroconversion window? or any other STD?

Does Levaquin treat any STDs (just in case)?  If so, which ones?
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Welcome to our Forum. Before I offer my observations and comments, let me congratulate you on your commitment to safe sex.  It will (and has) keep you healthy.  From what you say, the partners you describe are not high risk for HIV and your negative test is VERY strong evidence that you did not get HIV form the encounters you describe.  The difference between a 7 and 8 week test is small. Remember, well over 95% of persons who acquire HIV will have a positive test at 6 weeks- at 7 weeks the figure is even higher making the odds very much in your favor.

As for your pneumonia, this is bad luck and a chance event (perhaps precipitated in part by your smoking which does increase your risk for pulmonary infection.  Most people get pneumonia once or twice (and sometimes more often) over the lifespan.

The levofloxacin (Levaquin) you have been prescribed will treat much gonorrhea and all chlamydial infections.  

I hope these comments are helpful. Your pneumonia is not a reflection of HIV.EWH
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