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need clarity

doctor is it possible to have hiv or any std and have unprotected sex with my wife for over 8 years and not pass it to her. thank you for helping me with a little clarity
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I agree with the comment already provided on the HIV Prevention Community site – “Very unlikely but possible”.

You provide no context for your question so my answer will be rather general.  STD (including HIV) transmission is a statistically determined event.  If the risk of transmission is 1 in 1000, transmission could occur the first time one has sex or not until the 1000th (or more).  Thus transmission probability will depend on which STD agent is present (gonorrhea and chlamydia are transmitted more frequently, about 20% of exposures) than genital herpes.  Indeed I have had patients who have had herpes for years yet their partners have not become infected.

I hope this comment helps.  EWH
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i am eagerly awaiting your answer

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