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need to be sure of status

had an encounter on feb 7 , flipped condom over when trying to put it on my partner so it may have gotten contaminated with pre ***, stupid i know. 10 days later had a 24 hour fever and diarhhea. forgot about the incident. in may had to be hospitalized for pancreatitis that i had before, they had me on i v antibiotics, when i got home noticed my tongue was bare and burned, when on line and found erythematous candidiasis, called the gp, gave me nystatin, did not completely heal it, tried diflucan and it came and went on it. got up the courage to take an oraquik oral rapid test, it was neg, was so stressed, came down with shingles,a light case, thought well i need to take another test, went at 6 months and took oraquik fingerstick test it was neg, the tongue situation cleared up two weeks later after 3 months and 3 weeks later has appeared again in the same exact spot, could two tests be wrong, should i take another test, what the hell it going on, the denuded areas are on the top of tongue not in the middle but one on each side like someone took their nails and scratched them out, my tongue burns, getting kind of paranoid here. should i be looking for another cause,i suffer from dry mouth at nite and sugar levels ride just above normal, also cortisol levels in saliva are high,
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There is no way that 2 HIV tests could be wrong, especially with the second test done 6 months after the event.  Anyway, the risk from such an exposure is low, even if your partner had HIV; and your symptoms don't suggest HIV.  Many things can cause denuded tongue, but on this forum I don't speculate about possibilities other than HIV.  You need to address your symptoms with your healthc are provider; you will never figure it out by online searching.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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I'm going to get the jump on Dr. HHH here.  If you took a test at 6 months you are conclusively negative.  There is no way your symptoms are due to HIV and as the good doctor tells everyone, symptoms are never a reliable indicator of an infection.  You don't need any further testing.  He'll probably agree with me.
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I realize that 2 hiv test can't be wrong and i am over 50 so i put the light case of shingles up to stress . but the atropic tongue, could it be very stubborn to get rid of , you are right about not searching on the net, because everything that talks about atropic candidiasis, is hiv. Can this be caused by stress when you have been afflicted with it recently. sorry for the double question it will be my last
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Stress doesn't trigger shingles or atrophic tongue.  But as I said above, I will not speculate on causes of symptoms except for HIV.  Talk to your own doctor(s).
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Sorry Dr...

How low is that exposure?, I mean condom contaminated with pre-seminal fluid, I guess is like hand-genital contact during mutual masturbation when vaginal fluid an pre seminal fluid maybe could be exchanged between partners or when someone put the condom and have some fluids in him/hers fingers... Would you recomend testing in such exposures?

Thanks in advance
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I forgot to said that, I'm making this question, because I saw several responses from Dr. Bob (thebody.com) and he said that the risk from this exposure is nonexistent... Do you concur with him?



Thanks again in advance for your opinion and the great educational work that are you doing here...

Best regards
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