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needle *****

Yesterday i went to a temple in india and i was barefoot(without shoes)
there were a lot of people around me there. when i was walking i just felt a prick  and pain on my feet as if some needle got into my feet as i stepped on the needle.
i could see a little blood coming out of the prick.
I could not check the needle and dont know what kind of needle was it because there were too many people around me.
now i am scared as hell because there were so many people  around and what if somebody hiv positive got pricked by the same needle and there was his/her  blood on it.
is there a risk of hiv from this.
please help...

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This carries abolutely no risk of HIV and you do not need to be tested.  Nobody has ever caught HIV from such an event.  Please educate yourself about HIV and its transmission.  If you don't have unprotected sex with an infected person, and do not share drug injection equipment, you will never catch HIV.  It's that simple.

This question is another manifestation of your highly unrealistic fears of HIV, similar to your concern last month about a contaminated towel.  Professional mental health consultation is in order; I suggest it from compassion, not criticism.  However, this or other online forums are not appropriate substitutes, so there won't be any ongoing disucssion on this thread.  Also please note the MedHelp rule about a maximum of 2 questions every 6 months on the professionally moderated forums.  You may not post another on this forum before December.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Dear doctor hhh,
Just wanted to know one last thing
What is the difference between drug injection equipment or getting pricked by a needle because the needle that pricked my feet could be a hollow needle just like a syringe...
I mean what is the difference between the two...
I know I have anxiety about all this hiv thing
Guess ur answer and explanation would be a great support...
Please help

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Even a hollow needle used for drug injection would pose little or no risk.  HIV dies rapidly in the environment. Even though injury from a used needle is commonly listed as a risk for HIV transmission, it is entirely theoretical.  To my knowledge no case of HIV, anywhere in the world, has ever been reported to come from such a source.

I hope this indeed is "a great support" to you, but I have no illusions -- and neither should you -- that it will resolve your irrational anxieties about HIV.  Reread my comment about professional mental health attention.

In any case, that's all for this thread.  Try to move on.

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