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open cut on my lip and blood on condom,should i be concerned about HIV?

Hello ,

on 7th dec, i went to a brothel, i had a massage, kissing( mostly lip kissing but also some tongue)
and then a unprotected blowjob
1) i had a open-cut near my upper mouth( thats because i shaved my beard 5 hours ago before i went out to the brothel, and accidently had a cut quite near my lip). i am sure during the kissing, her tongue/mouth toucheed that cut many times and saliva was over that open-cut.
2) the unprotected blowjob lasts for 10-20 seconds,its not very aggressive or deep into her throat as my pennis is even not eracted at that time.

on 13th dec, i went to see a private escort and had protected vaginal sex to lose my viginity, my conerns are

1) before the sex, she was rubbing her vagina and i was also mastrubating for like a good 30 mins( i was too anxious to get eracted). after that i got a slightly boner and she used the same hand that she touched her vagina/clit area to open the condom and passed it to me, then i put it on my pennis. i guess there were at least some amount of vagina liquid on her hand that might touch the condom.

2) the real vaginal sex only lasts for about 10-15 secs( missionary postion), then i pulled out and removed the condom, however i found there were blood on the condom. i ask her if she was on her period, she denied. but she said she took contraceptive injections( if so,i felt like she may have unproteced sex with someone very often). after the shower, i doule checked the condom, and assured that the blood was from her vagina.

on 18th of dec i went to a local medical center to have a blood test, the test shows negative but also indicates i have herpes simplex virus1. should i be concernd about any risk of HIV? i am supper worried. i have sore-throat, sort of body pain and almost lost my drive to eat.

Thanks and Regards


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Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be happy to address your concerns but, the short answer is that nothing about the events you describe raises any concern about HIV or, for that matter, any other STI.  Let's address your concerns point by point.

1.  Despite the fact that there are very small amounts of HIV I the saliva of infected persons, saliva is not infectious.  Thus despite your recent cut, there is no risk to you from kissing, with or without saliva exchange.  

2.  Receipt of oral sex.  No one has ever gotten HIV from receipt of oral sex.  Thus, again, no risk.

3.  Transfer of vaginal secretions to you or to the condom on her hands.  Again no risk.  HIV is fragile and dies on contact with the air, becoming non infectious.

4.  Finally blood on the outside of the condom.  Again no risk, the blood,was on the outside of the contdom, not the inside.  Thus no risk

Bottom line, none of these activities place you at risk for HIV or for other STIs.  Thus no medical reason for testing or concern.  I hope that this comment is helpful to you. EWH
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thanks very much doctor edward for your helpful reply, your comments does ease my mind and make me much less streesed.

as for point 4,I have some additional info if i recap what happend,i had one full glass of wine before sex and so it makes my memory kind of blur.

i am sure the condom was used as i put it on myself before sex although she passed the opened condom to me.

i am sure the condom was still on after i pull out from vagina. also it looks intact but i don't know if it is any small leakage as i didn't cum and there was no semen in the condom to quicky see if its broken or not.

even if i checked the removed condom 2nd time after shower, i am still not sure if there is a leakage or not .that is because i removed the condom reversely and made the condom inside out then the top part of the condom folded inside which makes difficult to verify the situation just from my eyes.
at that time i was so upset and paranoid about the blood and didn't use my hand to testify.

i guess now i can only assume and hope it is a quality condom.

as a matter of fact, i was stressed out for the last 2 weeks, i contiously have diarrhea and sore throat, occationly feel body pain. i hope these are all becaue of my mental stress and fear.
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Hello doctor ,

I also got a small swollen tissue  near my lowr lip since last night. it is not itchy, no redness or anything( if i touch it with my hand it feels quite different from the nearby skin), but if you press it, it feels slightly pain or sometimes even you don't touch it you can feel some uncomfortness in that area( in fact that is why i notice that small swollen thing in the 1st place).

i don't know if it is a Swollen glands/lymph nodes? i have very little knowledge about this, i tried to inspect all over my body, nothing can be found in other areas.
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Your concern qabout condom leakage is not warranted.  When condoms fail, they break wide open leaving no doubt that they have failed.  Your condom appeared intact., therefore it was.  No change in my assessment or advice.  EWH
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Thanks doctor, i just back from the holiday and after seeing my parents i feel so bad about myself. may i ask something about the ARS ?

my low risk behaviours are in Dec 7th and 13th.

1) almost 2 weeks, i had continuously diarrhea which i don't think it is very common to me (its not serious diarrhea, there were only 2-3 times i had some sort of stoma cache, the rest of time i just had half liquid like **** and no pain.) the diarrhoea was completely gone in late dec and i didn't take any medicine.

what normally happen to me is if i had one big cold drink like beer the night before , most likely i would have a diarrhoea like **** the morning after. but it usually completely back to normal very quickly the next day not like this time it goes on and on for almost 2 weeks up to late dec.

2) after that there were two nights last week in early January ,i woke up and found my chest area was sweating, it is gone totally in the 3rd night and it never happens again so far, i don't think i have any fever or cold,

3) but during last week in early january, i do stay with a few others who have very bad cold/flu( they had high fever, coughing,sore throat, nose watering .....) i only get very mild nose congestion and a little bit body/face pain for three days (same time i had night sweating) and then it completely gone.

usually i am very easy to catch a cold if i am around with someone who has it, but this time, it didn't happen, can it because my body is defending hiv and kills the cold virus very easily?

can any above of those an ARS? does the hiv symptom come altogether or start one by one?
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You do not seem to listen to my assessment and hove now exceeded the time and space available to address your questions.  this will be my final response, using brief answers.

1.  Diarrhea can be part of the ARS but most diarrhea is not ARS.  Isolated diarrhea without other simultaneous symptoms is not the ARS.

2.  A single night or two of weasts is not the ARS.

3.  A cold is not the ARS.

The symptoms of the ARS- fever, sore throat (not congestion), muscle and joint aches, rash, and sometimes diarrhea all start at the same time with the ARS.  You are not at rsik for HIV and the symptoms that you describe do not change my opinion or advice.

This will end this thread. Further anxiety-driven questions will be deleted wothout comment.  EWH
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