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possible occupational exposure

I work for retail company. We were removing 4 x 8 slat wall (5 pieces). I cut myself on 3rd piece, when slipped from his hand. . Went Imediately washed hands and put bandage. Later I noticed scratches on hands of associate helping me he is hiv positive. I never saw blood. I asked my doctor but he said it's not even worth talking about because chances are so remote it's almost imposible. But next day got bad headache, bad sore throat, allergy like symptoms. So called hotline, they scared me they said I had major occupational exposure should have been put on pep but too late now. Now I'm scared. My doctor is upset asked for hotline number. But now I'm scared. Had hiv test negative at 8 days but I know not accurate now. I also had cbc .. wbc 10.7 high, Hgb low 13.5, hct low39.9%, rdw high 15.5%, segs high 77.2%,:lymphocytes low 12.4%, segs-bands # high 8.2, lymphocytes 1.3 k/cmm normal. Would any of this indicates primary hiv infection this was done 7 days post possible exposure.  Today lymphocytes 15.1 normal. Everyone tells me there's no chance but wracked with anxiety. Please help.
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Welcome to the forum.

HIV is not a possibility in this situation.  The virus has never once been transmitted by such sharp instrument injuries outside health care settings, or by contaminated objects in the non-medical environment.

In other words, I agree exactly with your doctor.  The hotline advisors either did not understand the situation, or had misinformation about it.  Also, new HIV infection cannot cause symptoms the next day.  10 days is the minimum.  And your blood count doesn't suggest an HIV infection.

"Everyone tells me there's no chance".  "Everyone" is exactly right. Do your best to stop worrying about it.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Thank you, you have no idea how happy this makes me.  I haven't slept with my wife in 10 days.  I have a newborn who I haven't spent time with because of this I needed to hear your expert opinion.   Everyone here is knowledgeable.  Thank you.
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Move on with your life and give no further thought to this incident.  Make love to your wife and hug your baby.  It will make all of you feel better.
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