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proctosedyl and HIV test


Just a quick question......

I had unprotected sex with a women (I am a man) and I tested at 4 weeks and 8 weeks using a rapid test...both negative.  I have one concern that might be crazy...3 days before I got my 8 week test I got a cream for hemmroids called PROCTOSEDYL which has a steroid in it  I think the dose is hydrocortosone 5mg per gram....or .5% (I think)  I might have used a bit too much the first couple time as I had to use the applicator to insert it as my hemmroid was internal...As this is a steroid would it affect my 8 week test?...I was going to let this whole thing go after the 8 week test but then this came up...I am not sure when they say steroids can delay antibody production in what amout??...is this enough.  Even if it did as I said it was 3 days before my 8 week test I started to use it so should antibodies already been produced?...my main question is could this dose of steroid or any dose for that fact delay serconversion....thank you
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Welcome to the HIV forum.

We have repeatedly stated on this forum that no medications alter the time required for positive HIV test results or the reliability of HIV testing.  There are possible exceptions for big-league immunosuppressive drugs or cancer chemotherapy, but only in whopping doses -- and even this is a theory, with few if any known actual cases of interference with HIV testing.  I never heard of Proctosedyl until now, but looked it up.  Neither of its two active ingredients -- a local anesthetic plus low dose hydrocortisone, a steroid -- could possibly have any effect on HIV tet results.  Your negative result at 8 weeks reliably proves you were not infected with HIV.

So all is well.  You weren't infected.  Best wishes--

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