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quite concerned

hi doctor,

i am a 45 yr old man living in the united states. i gave oral sex to a girl who is 23 yrs old. i know her for about a year. she is a college student. as far as intercourse we used condoms. i gave her oral sex for 3 mins and did not use a condom. these are the symptoms that i have after 2-3 weeks of this oral sex.

i also recd oral sex from another girl a few weeks back. sex was protected but the oral sex was not. i asked both the above girls and one of them said she has had all these tests under the sun for stds three months back. the other girl said that she goes for pap smears and sayd she is clean.

slight burning sensation when urinating. it happened only once.

slight pain in the same are in my buttocks cheeks. this is on an off for the last 2 days.

slight pain in my penis. this is also on/off for the past 3 days.

1) do u think i may have contracted some stds such as herpes.

2) what are the chances of getting stds from giving or receiving oral sex without a condom for a man?

3) does the above resemble as symptoms. do u think i should be tested for hiv or stds such as herpes etc.,

thanks a lot doctor

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In two separate threads, one in 2009 and the other a couple of weeks ago, Dr. Hook explained that HIV is rarely if ever transmitted by oral sex or exposure to saliva -- so I will have nothing more to say about HIV.

As described in the Disclaimer - Please Read message at the top of this forum, questions about STDs other than HIV should be posted in the STD forum.  Briefly, oral sex also is low risk for other STDs -- not quite as low risk as for HIV, but the large majority of exposures result in no STD.  The symptoms you describe are not typical for any STD that can be acquired by oral sex and for sure do not suggest herpes.  In within 2-3 weeks of the oral exposrues you have not had discharge of pus or mucus from the penis, or genital sores, then you can be reasonably sure you were not infected and I do not recommend testing.  But if you remain concerned about it, you can always visit your local health department STD clinic, or other health care provider, for examination and testing.

Because this is the incorrect forum, we won't be able to respond to any follow-up comments.  However, between this response and the recent one from Dr. Hook, you should have no worries at all.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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