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really worried about HIV

Dear Doctors,

I had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex at a massage parlour in Nevada. At one point my penis touched the her vagina (unprotected) for a moment but did not penetrate.  3 weeks after exposure i developed balanitis and an ache in my groin. Doc prescribed neomycin cream but did not perform and std tests execpt bloods for HIV. 1 week later balanitis had gone but ache persists and has been gradually been getting worse. Full std check after 4 weeks exposure Ache is now all over groin, somtimes shooting down legs, perineum and under buttocks.
After a heavy weekend of drinking i developed a cold and tickly cough. Cold went after 2 days, cough after 2 weeks. Glands in neck are now extreamly uncomfortable but not sore.
HIV and all STDS negative after 3 weeks. retest all STD and negative after 6 weeks but not tested again /
Glands in neck and groin still raised and uncomfortable.
Going for HIV test tomorrow.

1 - what are my chances of having HIV? was 3 weeks not long enough to incubate even though I had groin lymph discomfort and balanitis?
2. would the balanitis be caused by a virus other than HIV?

UPDATE - 30 y/o male

ORAQUICK HIV 1/2 TEST taken - result = NEGATIVE @ 8 weeks.

`i have had swollen glands for 6 weeks in my groin and 3 weeks in my neck. Does this mean that antibodies have been produced, hence the swollen glands? Would this realistically be enough time to produce antibodies as I am other wise fit an healthy?

Going for blood test tomorrow.
Please Doctors, can you reply to this question as soon as possible.
Many thanks.
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Welcome to the forum.

The pertinent information is in your test result.  It is negative.  A negative antibody test, including the rapid tests like OraQuick, are 100% reliable when done more than 6 weeks after the last exposure.  It doesn't matter whether the risk of infection during the exposure was high or low, and it doesnt' matter what symptoms you have.  If done sufficiently long after exposure, test results ALWAYS outweigh symptoms and exposure history.  Your test proves you were not infected.  You don't need another test.

And by the way, to my knowledge almost no Las Vegas sex workers have HIV; and even if she were infected, you could not have been infected if your description of the sexual events is accurate.  And your symptoms don't suggest HIV -- even without the test result, I would be quite certain HIV is not the cause.

So all is well, no worries.  Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Dear Doc,

thank you for the information and quick reply. For my own peace of mind I will continue with the test tomorrow. Going by your comments, when the result comes back negative I will then need to get to the bottom of what is going on in my body.
As far as `i know, swollen glands are a result of the body fighting infection. I was tested for herpes at 6 weeks and this was negative also. I am therefore stumped at what is making my glands so uncomfortable.
Are there any other virus' that are sexually transmissible that are not tested for at GUM clinics? could this be the cause of my problems?

Any further advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.
best regards.
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Herpes doesn't cause enlarged lymph nodes ('swollen glands") without also causing obvious, painful blisters/sores.  Self assessment of enlarged/inflamed lymph nodes by non-health professionals is highly unreliable, and most likely your lymph nodes are normal.  There are no other sexually transmitted viruses that could do this.  I haven't a clue about other possibilities, but I very much doubt this has anything at all to do with your Las Vegas adventures -- unless, of course, part of the problem is simply anxiety over your sexual choices.  
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I went to the GUM clinic today and they conducted another blood test and I am awaiting the results. They said that I must have another test at 12 weeks as only then can I be sure that I am clear as some people are late developers of antibodies.  

`They inforrmed me that the lymph nodes in my groin and throat are normal and to go to my GP if worried about it. I am still experiencing some discomfort.

The doctor believes that the groin / leg pain could be due to exercise I took part in 6 weeks ago. I am skeptical however.

Could you tell me a few things please.

1. medically speaking - is the test on 12 weeks necessary ? I will get it anyway for peace of mind but was wondering your thoughts as you said previously I do not need it after the 8 week test

2. can you get gland discomfort without swelling and infection?
3. do you think the leg / groin pain is related to exercise (the exercise I undertook was 6 weeks ago and `i have not exercised since. i felt the discomfort before the exercise and it has got progressively worse)

best regards,
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1) It is hyper-conservative to recommend 12 week testing, especially in a low risk situation as you have had.  Dr. Hook and I generally recommend 6-8 weeks as sufficient.  But equally qualified experts can be found on both sides of this issue -- and your GUM clinic is definitely as qualified as I am on the subject of HIV testing, perhaps more so.  We generally recommend that forum users follow the advice of their personal health care providers if that advice differs from ours.  If you are retested, you can be sure of another negative result.

2,3) It is now obvious that your groin pain isn't due to a lymph node abnormality.  I haven't a clue as to other possible epxlanations for it and won't speculate.

Your GUM clinic is every bit as expert in these issues as I am.  Trust them and follow their advice.  I won't have anything more to say.
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I saw my GP today and he told me I had shotty glands at the rear of my neck and a red throat. `the GUM doctor told me my glands were fine and my throat was not red yesterday. `the GP has now put me on antibiotics. I can now feel an ache on my left pectoral towards the armpit but feel no swelling of any lymph nodes.
I had groin pain initially, neck pain at 3 weeks after that and now chest / armpit pain at 6 weeks.
Does this indicate some sort of spreading of a potential bacteria /  virus?
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