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scared that im infected

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By bobsmith22 | less than a minute
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in august i had a one night stand with a woman it was unprotected sex. i developed extreme chest pains and a bad soar throat within the week i went to my doctor and he told me it was my nerves and that everything was fine i was check for hiv and all stds everything came back negative. a week later my pains and siscomfort became worse i returned to my dr he gave me a z pak which made m soar throat go away but didnt make me feel any better. withing the coming weeks i started to become very fatigued and sluggish i started to have diarreah i returned to my dr he said that i have nothing to worry about and to return to my normal life i also had sex with another woman who i had been involved with for years she then stated she started also have extreme discomfort in the chest within the week it is now january and ive been having head aches and extreme every day aches in pains all over my body to joints and bones i started to develop a small cough not sure if from weather or illness also been having shooting or throbbing pains in my scordum i have small red pimples on the inner thighs which have turned to dark circles and not raised i havent had a fever that i know of but my body does becomes super warm as if im on fire and i cant function, i have also within the last week had a burning sensation in my arm pits. my woman is experience the same headaches cough and warm body sensation im extremly worried please help me
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Welcome back to the forum.

A single episode of unprotected sex is exceedingly unlikely to result in HIV infection, even if your partner were infected.  And statistically speaking, it is unlikely that she was.  And your symptoms are not typical of of a new HIV infection.

But the extraordinary thing here is that you're stewing about an event 5 months ago without getting tested to just know for sure.  Am I supposed to speculate here when you can get a definitive answer with a blood test?  Ridiculous!

Feel free to return with a follow-up comment when you have had an HIV test.  I'm quite confident it will be negative.  Until then, do not post anything else; since it's pointless to speculate, I'll just delete it and won't have any other comments or advice.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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