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sex w/ black prostitute in bahamas

Hi.  I've been so anxiety ridden over this that i have not been able to bring myself to be tested.  each time i think about it my heart rate increases and i get severe anxiety.  i would love to get a test but i am paralyzed with fear.  i have not had a sexual encounter since because of the guilt.

i peruse internet sites checking statistics and trying desperately to relate it to my situation in the hopes of convincing myself that i didn't get infected.  any objective advice will help!!!

this was at least 2 years ago and i met a prostitute at the atlantis casino club (bahamas).  The prostitute said she was visiting from jamaica.  i had what i thought was protected vaginal sex with her.  i was very drunk and i'm still not sure how it happened but i realized that the condom was not on me anymore.  at that point i stopped.  she said that the condom came off inside of her.

i was a little freaked out and did not want to continue.  she finished me off with an unprotected blowjob to which i ejaculated (not in her mouth).

after the encounter i asked her of her hiv status, to which she said she is negative and gets tested.  she also said she has a regular boyfriend back in jamaica and he would be upset if he knew she was prostituting while on vacation in the bahamas.  i'm thinking she said this to offer proof that she was not hiv positive (or make it seem like she is concerned with it too)

what are my chances of infection from an encounter like this??  again, the condom came off at one point so i have no idea how long it had been off for as i was pretty drunk.

no anal or anything like that.

also since this has been a little over 2 years does the fact that i'm healthy and have actually gained weight mean anything?  i know hiv can be dormant for many years but i thought i'd put that out there so you'd have all the information.

i'm white and otherwise healthy, no std's.

thank you for reading this and thank you for any advice, thoughts...

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Welcome to the forum.

Reacting to your username:  There is no excuse for being worried about HIV "for years".  If you had an exposure that long ago that worries you, have an HIV test.  If you have been tested and negative, and if the test was done more than 8 weeks after the exposure, then you can believe the result and there is no basis for continued worry.

Now I have read the rest and see you have not been tested because of fear of a positive result.  I have absolutely no patience with that.  It isn't the test that gives someone HIV; you have it or you don't.  And research shows that even when someone has a positive result, their fear and anxiety are reduced, not increased, by learning the test result.  The uncertainty is more a cause of anxiety than getting it over with and having a positive result.

The fact is that almost certainly your test will be negative. Your partner probably didn't have HIV (most people don't lie when asked directly); and when a woman has HIV, the odds of transmission during a single episode of unprotected vaginal sex are around1 in 2,000.  So the odds are strongly in your favor.

I will be happy to comment further after you are tested, if you want to return to post the result.  Until then, I will have nothing more to say.  Just do it.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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