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swollen lymph nodes

hi docs,
i had sex with a sex worker 7 weeks ago unprotected(2 times). After 5 weeks i began feel pain in my armpits. this week the pain gets higher. I also fell my throat is uncomfortable. there are no visible lumps. nor i can feel by hand.
behind my neck (both sides ) muscle pain. i do not have fever or rush yet. sometimes little fever at forehead.
i feel very tired and panic.  due to my conditions(far away fro my country) i can not get tested.
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Welcome back to the Forum.  You need to see a doctor, first to see if you really do have swollen lymph nodes and then to find out what is causing them.  Swollen lymph nodes are a very non-specific finding which can be caused by an enormous number of problems, most of which are not related to STIs, including HIV.  Following unprotected sex with commercial sex workers, if you are worried, you should be evaluated by a physician.  Tests need to be done.

I do not except that you cannot arrange for testing.  If you are not in your home country, there are still ways to arrange for testing.  It may take a little more effort on your part, but it can still be done.

I hope this comment is helpful.  EWH
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Sir, i know testing is the only way to be sure. i am trying to arrange. i have a question. do i have to have fever with the armpit pain (or rash). yesterday i had some spray (propoli plus-spray orale) for my throat and the pain is nearly gone. i had little pain which comes and goes. and my throat is better than before. at the same time i spoke with the girl again and again and she told that she is clean. i had no evidence except words. thank you for yor valuable comments
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Fever is typically present when symptoms are due to recently acquired HIV infection and all symptoms tend to occur at the same time, not in a spaced out fashion.

Take care. EWH
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Today i got the test results as follows: hiv 1/2 antibody  neg. 0,03 and hiv p24 antigen 0,01. both negative. last question: can i close the deal. i still have pain in my armpitsore throat and swollen nodes on the throat.
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This test result shows that you do not have HIV.  if you have swollen lymph nodes, as I said before, you should look for other explanations. EWH
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