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Hello there,

I am aware that it is useless relying on symtoms as a way of diagnosing  hiv and I do intend to get tested, however it is too soon to be tested, so in the meantime I would like some clarification and advise on the symptoms I am experiencing.

24 days ago I had one episode of vaginal unprotected sex with a white straight male, I have since been for std checks all of which have come back negative, however, I have been having symptoms since day 2 prior to this encounter.

Day 2- runny nose & scratcy throat- this continued for 2 weeks
Day 5-dry cough-continued for ten days
day 20- Constant cough (much worse at night) coughing up  maninly clear phlegm, but did notice some yellow phelgm in small quantity.
Day 21-stiff neck and tender neck (this could be lymph nodes?)- the cough and phelgm still continue
today day 24- still have the hacking cough with clear phelgm and tender around the neck area ( I dont think I have swolen glands but I really couldnt be sure)

I cant find any info on the web that puts coughing and runny nose as ars symptoms but  it is definately clear that the sore throat and stiff neck are symtoms of ars,  but diferent sites say different things, the yellow phelgm worries me as I read on one web site that this is a sign of an immune system response, also what is the most common symtom of Ars?? and is the timeframe of my symtoms consistent with that of ars.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns.

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HIV doesn't cause runny nose, cough, or phlegm.  It could cause "scratchy throat" or stiff neck, but of course so can the respiratory virus that you obviously have.

You don't need HIV testing, either on the basis of the risk exposure you describe or the symptoms.  But you obviously need it for anxiety reduction, so get tested about 6 weeks after the sexual exposure.  You can expect a negative result.

Best wishes--   HHH, MD
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Hi,  Thanks for the advice and reasurance, it's greatly appreciated, it has helped remove some of the anxiety I am experiencing, I know the risk is small but it's there at the back of my mind and I know this will not go away untill I have the tests and get the results and the fact that the symtoms I'm having dont seem to be showing any signs of disapearing after three weeks doesnt help my anxiety levels.  Anyway, worrying is not going to help my situation so I am going to try and put this out of my mind and stop trying to look and feel for symtoms like lymph nodes etc! So again thank you doc for the advice, this is a very valauble service.
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