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test reliability

good morning doctors, i have a few questions that hopefully you may answer. hers is my story. i had unprotected sex with a csw (very stupid move on my part) 5 weeks after that incident i went to my doctor and got a full std screening test. chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis, syphilis and hiv. all came back negative and non reactive. i was more worried about hiv because i know it takes a while for the body to build up antibodies for it, so i repeated the hiv antibody test at 8 weeks. came back negative. ive heard the 3 month rule thrown around a lot so i took the oraquick home test at 89 days and then again at 93 days, which is a lil over 3 months. now i had some weird symptoms throughout this time. i had very dry skin on my penis which caused penile lesions around my shaft which was corrected by lotion. i was also on a high dosage on antibiotics during this testing periods. my GF also had weird symptoms, after intercourse i would have white tissue like substance on my penis from her. she had just started a new cheaper brand of birth control pills called sronyx. so my questions are as follows.

1. are my test reliable and accurate given i had a lab based blood test at 8 weeks and is the oraquick home tswab test reliable at post 3 months?
2. would the high dose of antibiotics have any affect on any of my test?
3.are my symptoms anything like early hiv symptoms?
4. are my GF white tissue like discharge associated with early hiv symptom? she states that it does not hurt or itch in any way.
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Welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question.

The HIV blood tests are among the most reliable and accurate of any diagnostic test for any medical condition.  Therefore, test results always overrule exposure hisotry and symptoms:  no matter how high the risk (yours was lower than you might think) and no matter how typical the symptoms might seem for a new HIV infection (yours are not), the test result rules as long as the test was done sufficiently long after the last possible exposure -- as yours were.  The bottom line is that for sure you did not catch HIV.

To your specific questions:

1) Your tests are entirely reliable.  It takes less long for definitive testing than commonly believed; see the thread linked below.


2) Mo medicines have any effect on HIV test reliability, except possibly potent cancer chemotherapy and immune suppression drugs.  Your antibiotics have had no effect on your tests.

3) No, these symptoms do not even hint at HIV.  However, if the rash you describe keeps returning despite whatever lotion you are using, I would recommend professional evaluation.

4) HIV doesn't do anything like this.  If this is new to her, regardless of lack of itching or soreness, she should be professionally checked.  But if she is confident it's nothing abnormal and isn't concerned, you shouldn't be worried either.

I hope this has helped.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Thank you for the response good doctor. I was worried we had some kind of yeast infection. But i think my dry skin was due more to winter skin. Also does yeast infection occur as an early hiv symptom for men and women?
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Genital yeast infections in women almost always cause ithing and irritation; white material alone doesn't suggest yeast.  And yeast would be an unlikely explanation of your rash.  In any case, yeast infections are not sexually acquired or transmitted.  
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So yeast infections occurs in the late stages of hiv correct?

Also are oral test as accurate as lab based blood test? Does the oral fluid always produce antibodies given enough time has passed?
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The oral fluids test takes somewhat longer than other tests to reliably become positive, but after 3 months there is no difference.

Yeast infections are equally common in people with and without HIV.  When severe yeast infections occur in people with HIV, it's a manifestation of late infection (overt AIDS) and is never the only problem such persons have.

You seem to be having trouble accepting that there is no chance you or your GF have HIV.  Stop asking about it; there is no additional information you can provide or ask about that would possibly change my opinion or advice.  Do your best to accept it without second guessing and move on with your life.  I won't have any further comments or advice.
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