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uti and hiv

Hi DR,

Sorry that if I have asked too much. Firstly, thank you very much for your answers for my thread http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Help-please/show/1322393?personal_page_id=1698992#post_6046621.
I felt a lot better now. However, I had read something saying that a STD could increase the risk of getting hiv.

On the day of the exposure, I think I had Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) (Acutally, I just felt burning when I unrinate sometimes a few days before but no discharge or other things). I don't know if this was UTI or just the stone in my unrinary track...

I have been so worried during the last 2 months because of some symptoms. I have some white skin/area/coating inside my lower lip (only my lower slip) just 3 days after exposure. I do not know if it is trush. As trush is a sign of hiv (according to the internet search), I'm scared. At the begnning, I did not use any treatment. The symptom improves by itself. However, it never disappeared. So I started to take a medicine APHTORAL which contains: 1) Chlorhexidine Gluconate 3mg, 2) Tetracaine Hydrochloride 0.2mg, 3) Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 5.25mg. I have taken two tablets and the symptom improves significantly (all white skins gone). I also developed a slightly sore throat (I could drink and eat normally but just irritated) and sometimes pain in my neck for about 6 weeks. Now a dry mouth.... No other ARS such as fever, cough ect.

Only thing I want to clear up was as per answer my risk was zero. Is this because of that I just exposed to very little body fluid? Is the UTI totally unrelated to hiv risk? why some websites say that a STD increased the risk? It was just the combination of stone and possible blood in the saliva made me worry. Would you please give me a brief answer?

Please advice me on this. Thank you very much indeed.

Kind regards,
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Welcome back to our Forum.  While thrush is seen in some persons with HIV, it is seen in persons who have had HIV for years, not people who have recently acquired it.  In your case, the white coloring you describe on the inside of your lip is not consistent with thrush which coats the entire mouth and palate, not just the tongue of a portion of the inside of one's mouth.  Thus, not only do you not have a reason to worry but what you describe does not sound at all like thrush.  

You do not know for sure if you had a UTI or not.  Your symptoms might have been due to a UTI but there are many other causes of the symptoms you describe including anxiety.  HIV is not spread in condom protected sex, not is it spread by saliva, nor is t spread when bodily secretions from an infected person come into contact with another person. In your own case, you do not know that your partner had HIV as well.

In re-reading your post I note that you do not mention testing.  Clearly this worries you. It is now over 2 months since your exposure. At this time, I would suggest just go get tested, once, after you promise yourself to believe the results. I am confident the results will be negative. When they are this will PROVE that you do not have HIV and should allow you to stop worrying.

Finally, I would point out that we limit clients to two questions in any six month period so that when this interchange is over, please, no further questions until, February or March of 2011.  EWH
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