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worry and anxious about possibe hiv exposures plz help me ?

I had HIV exposure  on 29.10.2012 and the  was unprotected sex with prostitution girl from China I did many blood tests first one was  five weeks post exposure p24 HIV 1&2 AB AND AG Combo and result was not detected and after 8 weeks I repeated the combo test also the result was non reactive and finally after 90 days post exposure I retested p2 combo test and the result was non reactive 0.08 CMIA  thanks god  My questions are
1_Is that enough or I must be re-tested six months post exposure are my tests results conclusive  can I resume  unprotected sex with my wife because I read a story on the net mentioned by hiv positive guy he claimed that he was negative and slept with positive girl and tested comb and elisa tests 2 month , 3 months , 4 months , 5 months all results came back negative and when he repeated the test 5 months and a half the result was positive is that true and could be happened ?
Does it require more accurate hiv blood tests of screening such as nat or pcr?  2_
3_ through I   throwing my mobile in the garbage basket by mistake and obliged to enter my hands into the   trash basket  to get back my mobile while getting it back I touched a bag that might  contains unknown body secretions I was shocking and afraid it may contains infected secretion or blood so I smelled it and look at it the secretion was near my eyes  to make sure it's not secretions contain virus HIV and were close and my face and my eyes Is that a hiv  risk or not?
4_For trimmer machine that uses in barber shops for hair cut and beard shaving if used before me on infected person could it be hiv risk or not ?  
5_If I  eat food containing contaminated blood or contaminated secretions such as ketchup or a sandwich (might be leaks from hiv person who prepared the food in restaurant) , and I have many wounds in my mouth because of the teeth  decay and some damaged  teeth Is the a risk of transmission of  Hiv virus

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Welcome to the Forum.  I will be happy to comment, reinforcing the messages you have already heard from Vance, Nursegirl and Teak on the Community site.  

Your tests following your unprotected exposure on 29 October PROVE that you were not infected through this encounter.  You can be confident and do not need further testing.

You should stay off of the internet, there is much misleading information there.

You do not need to worry that you might get HIV through contact of your hands with infected material, through eating food contaminated with HIV or the other means that you suggest.  HIV in adults is spread only through unprotected genital -or ano-genital penetrative sexual contact (intercourse) or through injection of infected material deep into tissue. It is not spread through touching infected persons or secretions or through ingestion.

I hope these comments are helpful.  there is no reason in the situations you describe to abstain from unprotected intercourse with your wife.

I hope my comments are helpful to you.  EWH
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You are so kind that is mean also in barber shops the hair cut machines like trimmer ects for hair cut and beard shaving is safe no reason to worry about it nd regarding to the wounds in my mouth due to teeth decay and damaged teeth it won't cause any hiv risk I can be confident and no need to worry about it and test again thank you. Lot for your help and assistance your comments re helpful sure
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As I sadi above NONE of the sorts of exposures you mentioned represent risks for HIV.  This includes being shaved or having a haircut in a barber shop, or related to poor dental hygiene- NONE!!!!!   EWH
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Iam taking medicine  like Lipitor for cholesterol 40 mg daily and Prozac , also anti acid reflux and heart burn drugs daily also I have taken hepatitis B Vaccine two doses during last two months does these drugs affect on hiv tests result especially hiv p24 combo test  or delay the hiv antibodies thank you a lot for your helpful information
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This will be the last answer. No risk means no risk.  It does not mean no risk except at the barber or no risk except if you are taking lipitor or prozac.  No risk.

You hepattis vaccine and medications would have no effect on your test results.  There is no risk for you to worry about.  

There will be no more answers.  EWH
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Thank you a lot and I am so so sorry for the inconvenience but really I was worried now I became confident and I will move on I appreciate it you are so kind thank you a lot for useful and helpful information
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