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2 months baby PCR result

I am a HIV +ve women. I was pregnant. Doctor advised that taking zidovidine in the last month of pregnancy , CSection, avoid breast feeding & taking Zidovir orally for the new born baby for 6 weeks will help to avoid transmission of HIV to child. So I convinced for the same & we did it.

But now my 2 months baby is DETECTED in HIV DNA PCR test. Pleas help me how to save my child?
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Your baby will be more than likely test positive up to 15 months and you should have been advised of it.
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In following the same basic scenario.  My wife and I are going to adopt a HIV - newborn baby.  Obvsiously we will not be breastfeeding.  What precatiouns should be taken to prevent environmental transmission of HIV to our baby.
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HIV is not transmitted via the environment.

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