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A Cure for HIV?

hello here, im hiv positif since 3 years now  and i'm coininfected with hepatitis B , i hve been taking TDF all this while , viral load of hiv and DNA of hbv has been und just the first 6 months of treatment and my cd4 has always been 600 , A friend advice me to add one supllement ( BOOST) with my TDF made of white honey and other ingredients fabricated by one naturopathic center here in Cameroon , before taking this supplement i test for hiv antibodies and they were  3500 , after one month it drops down to 2300 ,3 months it drops again to 800 , today its the 6months and i tested it again and its 4,29 , my question is .If this drops down to 0 ,is it a cure? if i stop treatment after the test HIV is negative would my CD4 drops down ?  When i started this supplement my hbsag quanti was 1900ui/ml now its 1250ui/ml. The question is :Why has hbsag Quanti slower in dropping down than hiv antibodies ? Thanks and looking foward for an answer from an expert
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No, there is NO cure for HIV.  No matter what level your antibodies drop to, you are still infected with HIV.  If you stop taking your doctor-prescribed medications, your antibodies will go up again, and your health will deteriorate.  I am doubtful that the honey combination will help you, but I also doubt it will do any harm.  You should still discuss any supplements you are taking with your doctor, as no matter how "natural" they are, they can interfere with your doctor-prescribed medication.
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No i can not abandone my antirectroviral ,im just associating the supplements with it .But still i dont understand something let me label you one of my lab results:
LAV 1,2 et 0
Rapide test :Positif (technique Immunochromatograhique)
Confirmqtion test LAV DUO ULtra Ag/Ab: Positif   (technique ELFA)
VT ab :4.29
VT ag   :ND
VTgreater than or =0.25 positif for ag
VT less than 0.25 :Negative for ag and ab .
This is my last results , now do you meant ,if i do the next controle next month and VT is less than 0.25 showing there is no ag nor ab , i still hve hiv in my blood? pls explain it to very well , thanks already for your concern .
PLs im hiv 1 positif
Yes, you are still HIV-positive, as the antibodies will return if you stop your medication.  You will always be HIV-positive and you will always have HIV in your blood.

Did you get a viral load test done?
did he take , i meant to say
Yes my viral load both hiv and hepatitis B are negative during first 6 months treatment  with tdf till now they are negative . Now what about the antigenes ?if they are negative the virus is still there? finaly i dont understand this virus .What about someone who test hiv for the first time and and the test is negative , does this means the hiv is there ? if no , then why after been infected if you take a treatment that clears the agtigenes and antibodies and hiv is negative ,there is still hiv!!!! HUMMMM well im not yet negative even , im talking in vain , let test reveals negative before i will really understand , Pls i will like to ask you one question . Have you ever come in contact with a patient who took ART until his or her hiv test reveals negative ? if yes which art did he took?
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