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Condom seemed torn or defective

I had intercourse with a man of unknown HIV status one week ago...when he put it on there was no air bubble at the tip of the condom ....when he withdrew there did not seem to be semen at the tip of the condom but some  at the sides along the length...I did not check the condom for leaks...could that have been a defective condom that leaked semen?
I'm getting scared that this man may have put me at risk on purpose by needling the condom...saying that as some of the things he said afterwards sounded sadistic...he did not seem like a regular guy.
Would a second generation HIV test be conclusive at 4 weeks?
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If a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam so you don't have to check for leaks because it would hang in tatters from the ring at the base. I doubt anyone would needle a condom. A 4 gen is conclusive at 4 weeks and any other at 12.
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It was odd that there was no semen at the tip of the condom...and no air on the tip when he put it on...the needling came to mind as there are incidents of people trying to infect others on purpose
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People do not infect other people by pin prick condoms.  That's unrealistic and an irrational fear, thank goodness. The truth about condoms is that a pin prick hole would not hold and it would be a huge split that is very noticeable.  Pin holes are a myth.  So, you had protected sex which means you had no risk whatsoever.
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Thank you AnxiousNoMore and GuitarRox...I'm trying to be reasonable and reading your replies is calming...
Hi GuitarRox
Unfortunately I did contract HIV from this exposure...it seems the man had purposely worn a torn rubber...there was no air at the tip when he wore it.... and no semen at the tip either when he finished....only some sticking to the sides.....realized it only much later..
My bad luck to bump into a psychopath.
Just a warning for all the people who meet random people on dating sites...it is very dangerous... please be careful....and better to put off sex until you are both tested
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We are sorry to read about this development. The odds of this actually happening even taking out the factor of a condom being purposely ripped being unlikely are amazing low with less than a 2 percent chance of HIV being contracted after a single exposure.  Here is some information for you moving forward. https://www.medhelp.org/aids-hiv/articles/HIV-AIDS-Treatment-Options-An-Overview/374

We wish you the best.
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If I understand correctly, this person didn't really wear a condom, it was open from the tip and only the sides were covered?!

Quite dubious, It is unfortunate that some one willfully infected you. You should report this incident to your nearest law enforcement center. This will not only give you justice but also ensure safety of other individuals.
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