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Diagnosed, young, and trying 2 survive matric

hi people... im a seventeen  year old boy and was diagnosed with hiv a weak b4 the start of term 4 my matric year. i hav always been skinny but now i hav had lymph nodes al over. my friends hav noticed them and i WILL NOT tel them my status. what can i do?
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You are so brave to post here, and I applaud you keep strong and and fight on
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i dont have any other symptoms except da swollen lymph nodes... im perfectly healthy and take multivitamins everyday.
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Thank you zippy. but it honestly does get difficult sometimes. im scared of having 2 take meds because i feel like it will interrupt my lifestyle. especialy wen it comes 2 having 2 deal with the symptoms. r u on meds? and how did you choose which 1s 2 tke?
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Hi, My name is Ray, I've been pos since 99..First thing is (and I know this is hard), but DON"T FREAK OUT. HIV is now a chronic disease instead of a death sentence. I have a few questions for you. 1st- Are you on meds? Once, and if you start meds, your lymph nodes should shrink back to somewhat normal size. I have been on meds for ten years and still have a shotty node in my neck. Nothing to worry about is what the doc told me. 2nd- How is your appetite...you mentioned you were already skinny (god what i wouldn't do for that), are you eating properly, I know how 19 year olds are. 3rd- How is your overall heath...no other medical problems, mental health issues, addiction issues. 4th- Do you use any illegal drugs, and 5th- do you have an HIV specialist or are you just seeing a PCP for treatment.....I urge you to start treatment as soon as possible, there are so many more options as far as drug choice and dosing these days that some people just have to take one or two pills and that's it....I only have to take 3 for HIV. Some doctors will tell you that you shouldn't start treatment if your CD4 is >300.  I don't believe this...When I first tested pos my CD4 was in the 700's, my doctor left the choice up to me whether or not to start treatment and I decidided to right away and I don't have any regrets. My last labs showed my CD4 at 1349(extremely high, even for  a health person) and my VL was undectectable, as it has been ever since i started treatment 10 years ago. I and my doctors are amazed as I've only take 2 or 3 different meds this whole time. Please If you have any questions or just want to talk please message me. This applies for anyone in this forum..I'm not a doctor, but as close as you can get without going to medical school...I believe that you have to be informed as a patient and be your OWN advocate when it comes to HIV care.....Good Luck...remember EVERY DOSE EVERY DAY...This will save your life and you'll be dying of old age before you know it and not HIV....Ray
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Read This:
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Hello. One thing I have to tell you is that you are brave to be posting on here. You have taken the step of finding out your status, thats amazing!!! There are so many people out there that has the virus and does not know their status, so welldone to you young man. No need to be afraid now, you can live a healthy normal life with HIV...don't give up on life, live your lifeok. And if you go on treatment one day, all you have to do is take your tablets everyday mate, but no need to worry about that. Read about HIV on the internet, this is how I became stronger...education is the key. Stay good mate.

Geniet jou dag verder OK.
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Fight man! Good for you for posting. I wish you all the luck in the world man. Stay strong!
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