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Do CBC tests confirm whether or not you are detectable?

I’ve been undetectable for 3 years. I recently been looking st my labs but haven’t seen viral load or Cd4 tests. I just see CBC Zane a few others. How does my doctor still know I’m undetectable without taking CD4 and viral load?
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In my experience, you’ve gotten to the point where you are undetectable for a good length of time. And I’m assuming you have a higher CD4 count as well. With consistent numbers like that it’s likely they have those tests scheduled for once a year? I would suggest that if you do want to see those numbers ask for the labs to be drawn and ask to see them. Ultimately IT IS YOUR HEALTH, so if you feel uneasy; speak up. I wouldn’t be terribly concerned though, it sounds like you’re doing great! I hope this helps.
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