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I found out that am HIV positive last year and I haven't started medication

I don't know what danger am I getting myself into because am afraid to go to the clinic to get medication and what is really going to happen to me as I don't take my medication am confused I don't know what to do and l want a baby badly so what danger am I getting myself to please help I don't know what to do
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You need to go back to your clinic and get the professional help and support you need.
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Don't be afraid. Brother there as social welfare to help you and advise you what to do don't panic it's better to tell your close of your family member. Pray lagn ka Lord bro. Just keep in touch minsan sama ka church.

I'll pary for you.
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Dont make it too late. Start ART treatment as soon as possible so that u can enjoy a normal life like any normal person. Just like diabetes patient consume a tablet daily u also just need to consume a ARV tablet daily night.
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are you sure about this ? but i heard after you convert to AIDS life is terrified,and another this HIV treatment is Expensive , so if somebody cant afford how to do?
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My husband was diagnosed with HIV three years ago. He's on a medication called stribild and he has had VERY FEW issues. It is detrimental that you get on medication quickly! There are so many opportunities you're going to miss in life. Other than having to take his medicine every day and having to eat a little healthier and not drink as much, he lives a very normal life style and his viral counts are undetectable. We can have children as long as he's taking his medicine like normal, of course then I have to go through a couple of tests for the baby but nothing major. He gets help through the state for his medication and pays $5, we live in Texas so that might vary around the states.
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