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I have been HIV positive for over 5 years and have been taking ARVs (Efavirenz and Truvada combo) for 5 years. The worst problems I have experienced were inflamation and blockage of my Eustachian tube. However, as the ARVs started to work and my CD4 count reached 500 and my viral load was undetectable, I started experiencing a rash which has last years. I experience much of it on my chest such that all my chest hair is gone. I get some on my lower arm, neck, chest and little bit on the face. The rash itches a lot and often develops after a bump, which I scratch resulting in the exposure. The bumps are bigger than pimples. I have shown it to my doctor twice and he seems to think it is nothing. It is unsitely and since I play sports, it is uncomfortable when I am with the guys showering after golf. However, no one seems to have made assumptions about it and so no reaction to it from my friend. I am overweight and I have been trying to lose weight (which I gained as a mistaken reaction to my HIV infection that eating more will help), I have reduced my sugar intake. I am generally healthy and hardly ever sick, and if it is a diet issue, it would be great relief. I look forward to your response

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Have you consulted with a dermatologist?
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