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Rashes on my both legs

I was negative 2009. Then i had unsafe sex with a guy and he infected me. I got tested HIV positive on april 2010. How did my family doctor know about it, from small red dot rashes on my both legs only. Its December now and they put me on Atripla one pill a day. They said they will go but i still get the rashes! NOBODY's knowing how to treat these rashes that i have on my both legs since april 2010... They send me to a dermatological and she did a syphilis test and after 2 weeks , she said its normal.  It's related to HIV but isn't there anything to kill the bacteria on the rash that i am getting??? she put me for a week using this cream betamethasone but still didn't work. she put me for a week using 6 small pills a day, that didn't work as well. I still get them.
My rashes comes and go, they don't itch or bother me. red flat dots only on my legs and i get couple on my both hands and like 2-3 on my face but usually that kind of rash my doctor said it appears on the upper body. Its unusual rashes!... Now i am using atripela one pill a day and my HIV doctor said they might go after using it for 3-4 months. I've been on those pill for 2 months now and i still dont see any difference they come and go.
Do you know anything about it that i can recommend My hiv doctor to give me to kill those rashes???
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