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Recurrent Mouth Sores


I keep getting sores inside my mouth that are horrendously painful.  Does anyone have any suggestions for treating these?  My doctor suggest warm salt water rinses, but that doesn't seem to be working.


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Is this HIV related? Sometimes if you suddenly start getting a lot of sores it could be stress related. You may want to post in the dermatology forum.
Hope they go away.

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Rinse with viniger/salt water if you can stand it... ensure you dilute the viniger and salt with water though, rinse for a while.  You're teeth will feel weird but it will work.  
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This is great I promise! I bought my first bottle on ebay then I found it at Walgreens for the same price. It got rid of my mouth sores fast and the sores all over my gums. I use it every time I feel a sore coming on and they go right away. The mouthwash is called Prevention Periodontal Mouth Rinse. I will try to post a link to the ebay auction I found running but I am not sure if it will show up. I'm new to this forum and not sure if links work. Here is the link if it doesn't work you can look it up.

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This is actually a common problem with hiv related health problems.  I am not sure if it is its own aids problem or if it is caused by other problems and their treatment but have read alot about it.   The only treatment I have found that has helped is a mouth foam from an all natural oral health care company called cuprident.  they use the mouth foam with oncology patients who have the same issues we are talking about http://www.cuprident.com/oncol.php   I use their tootpaste now too because it helps heal the mouth and as we all know oral health will make all of the difference for the rest of our health.

I hope this is helpful...  please dont have anyone tell you that you dont belong on an hiv/aids board with this issue it is completely appropriate!

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