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Sex, Love and HIV

I'm a HIV patient. I was diagnosed two years ago and I'm now under retro-viral treatment (Abacavir, 3TC Lamiduvina, and Efavirenz TM as known in my country), healthy, fit, high CD4 count, undetectable viral load.   Recently, I met a person, we kissed and we practiced oral sex on each other.  Eventhough I know my condition, and have always tried to avoid people practice fellation on me, he insisted and at the end I agreed.  Now, I am really concerned about him.  Could he have been infected?  Should I tell him to test for HIV? Guilt is just killing me.  I really care about this person and would like to have a serious relationship with him, eventhough I know I can't.  That's is the saddest side of HIV.
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oral sex carries a very low to zero risk or aquiring hiv.  he did not get hiv from that exposure.

If you have any more questions regarding hiv risks fel free to post your questions in hiv prevention forum.
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I really can't see why you can't have e relationship with someone who is HIV negative. I'm HIV poz on medication  . Undetectable viral load . The guy you had oral sex with is probably  safer having safe sex and oral sex with than some one he dosnt know the status of.  Some newley infected  is very infectious.  You seem perfectly healthy. Don't let the HIV rule you're life. And choose who you want a relationship with   Be honest with the guy if he knows anything about HIV  he will know you're a very low risk to his health  but play safe  take care hope all goes well for you
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