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Viral load

I just came across an old appointment paper from 7/05/18 and my viral load was 6,215 and my CD4 was 1000 something. In December, my viral load went down to 30 copies (with the exceptionof missed doses). After that in March, also with the exception of missing doses my viral load was 140. My doctor put me on Biktarvy in March and in April I achieved an undetectable viral load. I missed a month of doses but took one of my pills sometime I believe last weekend but I won't know my next viral load count until after my next appointment next month. I then recently had brief unprotected vaginal sex with my male partner and he is uncircumcised. I have heard that most men do not contract HIV from the first time having sex with a positive woman but I am losing my mind because I afraid that my viral load increased during that time I missed meds but then took a pill after that time. Is it possible my load went down after taking that pill recently?
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Any time your viral load is >undetectable, transmission is a risk, albeit a low risk.  Is it possible that your viral load decreased? Yes, but it isn't certain what your viral load was since you missed some doses.
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Understood. I pray that is was low enough to have decreased even lower when I took my last two pills. I put in a request for refills yesterday so I will be back to taking my meds very very soon. Not only do I need to take meds to keep from infecting someone but because I need to live for my son.
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If you miss your dose of medicine, you are likely to have a detectable viral load (above 30 copies).  As explained to you by CurfewX, having a detectable viral load means that the virus can be transmitted.

We have discussed this before that your partner was exposed to the virus and he needs to take a duo test at 28 days for a reliable result there is no point in quantifying the risk. If you ask us we will tell you that it is unlikely that he would contract the virus from a single exposure but it doesn't mean that he is in the clear.

In reference to the question you had asked the other day whether you are an elite controller? The answer is No, you aren't because if you were, your viral load would have been under 30 copies with out medication.
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Understood. Thanks for your help. I just pray he is ok. Literally.
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