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hiv positive but partner negative

I dont know if anyone can help me. But in 2006 i had unprotected sex with a guy and about 2 weeks after i had symptoms of malaise, fever, flu, skin rash. i thought it was food poisoining. It's now 2008 and i had frequent yeast infections, a dry cough and 1 case of food poisoning (diarahhea, vommiting). So i took a HIV test in Nov 2008 which came back positive. Now the guy i slept with in 2006 tested negative 2 weeks ago. Is that possible to have HIV and test negative. another question is if he tested negative and i got sick like 2 weeks after sleeping with him then did i really get infected from him. Because i read that these symptoms of malaise, fever, flu, skin rash were the early symptoms some weeks after infection.

Is there such a thing as having HIV, that is be a carrier and still test ngative on a elisa test?

I had also had unprotected sex with another guy in 2002 but i did not get sick after. None of the aforementioned symptoms showed. Could it be that he infected me and the sypmtoms has now started to show 6 years after. he died in an accident so i dont know his HIV status.

I have been taking 8 100mg ponstan forte tablets (4 every 6hours) for the past 2 years for mensrtual pain, over the recommeded dosage i think. I have read that thiss can cause renal failure which can cause a positive elisa test. Is this true.

I only went to my first doc's appointment last week and my viaral load is undectable and my CD4 count is 800. Im still awaiting other STD tests, liver and kidney, thyroid tests.

Please if someone can kindly respond to this email i will be grateful, thanks in advance.
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Hiv Testing
1) Screening Test : Rapid/Elisa
2) Comfirmation Test: Western Blot.(WB test)

If ELISA is positive. u also need to test positive with Western Blot. If you get negative result with Westen Blot. your final result is negative.
Best luck for WB
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