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i have been on med for 12 years for hiv an i have been undeteable for the 11 in a half years now ! my hubby does not have hiv we have been together for 11 years an i ALWAYS TAKE MY MEDS WHICH ARE COMIVIR AND VIRAMUNE SO MY QUESTION IS WHAT IS THE RISK OF HIM EVER CONTRACTING THIS FROM ME? WE HAVE 4 KIDS TOGETHER WHICH ALL ARE NEGATIVE AN COMPLETLY HEALTHY
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This is a forum for HIV risks/transmission factors.. there is a "Living With HIV" forum that could probably better help you out.

When an HIV positive person is on medications and their viral load is undetectable, it makes the risk of transmitting the virus to another person MUCH lower. But this does not mean you can have unprotected sex without fear of giving it to someone! Never risk doing that. (I'm sure you don't anyway.)

It sounds like you are very adamant about adhering to your medication regimen. Kudos for that! You can live a long, healthy life if you stick to your meds, don't miss doses, and take care of yourself and eat healthy/exercise. It is entirely possible to not ever give the virus to your husband, as long as you consistently and correctly use condoms for sex. If you do this, he won't get HIV from you. It's that simple!
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Thank you for your comment!
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I also wanted to add my viral load is undectable an my t cell count is 1700! the docs are so amazed and i just tell them that it is the work of GOD AN ME FAITHFULLY TAKING MY MEDS! MY IMMUNE SYSTEM HAS NEVER WENT BELOW 1500 AND SOMETIMES ITS 1654 , BUT IT DOES CHANGE IN NUMBERS I DO GO EVERY 3 MONTHS TO GET BLOOD WORK DONE! AGAIN THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME
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