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i dont understand

i recently found out i was hiv + and ive been living in a daze every since then 2 wks after finding out i was postive i found out that my t cells was at 137 which means i have AIDS and must have had it for some time (approx 4 yrs) the thing is i dont no when i aquired it and i have never been sick at all flu or colds or anything out of the norm how is that possible for my t cells to b so low and me never being sick? since i was never ill in any way the doctors all suspected that i wouldnt probably need meds for a while but not only was i surprised by the t cell count they was also is there other things that can make the t cell drop and make it drop at a fast rate? im on rigorious antiretroviral meds 4 pills daily and 5 pills every other day i go get tested to see if my t cell have went up yet since it been a month on the meds wish me luck
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give the meds a chance to work, i learned a long time ago not to put too much emphasis on my cell count.  a sinus infection or anything like that can take it down, which happens with negative people too.  i have been diagnosed since 1994 and i am still undetectable, with a count in the 400's.  you can live a relatively long life with the right drugs.  keep your spirits up--it is NOT a death sentence anymore!  my doctor told me i would die of old age before i got aids--i am 50 now.... i really had a hard time with it at first and it took me down some long lonely roads, but it is getting better for me too...good luck
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