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Allergic reaction or Rash, My Story so far.

I really appreciate this forum, Thank you for advising us on whatever were dealing with.

Last week, I ate something raw and caused me food poisoning and Acid reflux. The next morning I had fever which is relatively low, and took me about 1 day to clear it up. I know that something is causing me such irritation because my stomach isn't feeling really well in the past two weeks (some diarrhea).

I have a question about rashes that are really itchy and had spread all over my back and arms. It started out yesterday when I was at a restaurant, which I think is an allergic reaction from the food I ate. Since I had protected sex exactly two months ago, I'm not worrying much but, why did all of a sudden does the red itchy rash appeared? (looks like hives, but I'm not sure if it is) After I got back home i took a medicine (Zyrtec) which cleared up approximetely 95% of the rash leaving tiny red spots. Which I was surprised about the effects on the medication i took, Cleared up in ONE day! I was happy about the results the next day I woke up (Today).

Here's my question (Sorry about my grammar)

1. Are Hives an allergic reaction to food and does acid reflux trigger the rash?

2. Is it possible that the rash, fever, food poisoning, acid reflux are HIV related?

3. It's been two months since my last exposure (with Condoms) but all of a sudden, symptoms started to appear after week 8-10

4. What are the characteristics of HIV rash? How is it different from HIVES?

Lastly, I know that you can't indicate HIV based on their symptoms. I know all the things i've listed above leads to ONE conclusion. All I need is your knowledge, Than you for reading :)
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1, yes it could be an allergic reation. ( more so clearing up after treatment )
2, None at all. You had protected sex
3, Then its not HIV, to late to happen and cannot as you had protected sex
4, HIV rash is flat and an all over body rash with other symptoms.

HIV cannot be based on symptoms correct, but it can be based on medical facts and science.
Condoms when used correctly protect from HIV. So you do not ever have a risk, so all the above it quiet pointless speculation on your part - Fact !!

Now, if logic isnt good enough for you and you require peace of mind then just go for a HIV test. The result then would ease your mind of any concerns you have, but to state again, you shouldnt have any concerns as you had a condom on. Couples who have one partner who is hiv positive, continue to have sex for many many years with protection and HIV is not passed onto one partner to another..  Thats the best info i can give you

Hope that helps
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Thank you! I was pretty shocked about the rash but it's probably an allergic reaction.
Why do you think it's too late for symptoms to appear after weeks 8-10? I'm just curious.

Anyway, Thank you for the kind information :)
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Most people get ARS from 2 - 6 weeks, so your period of time just dosnt fit in. Not to mention you had protected sex, so it shouldnt a concern regardless :))
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