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I am having a Viral Infection and every day since I got this infection, i started to get little pin pricks all over my body. It is from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, with the most annoying being on my eyelids, on my earlobes, on my face, down my entire body including between fingers and toes.  The itch lasts for a few seconds and goes away.  Typically, I don't even bother to scratch because there is nothing to scratch and I know it will go away in a moment.  Itches on the face however usually elicit an involuntary scratch reaction. i am currently taking Fenistil for itching and it is fading little by little. Does Viral infection trigger such an itching or it can be something else?? i have to say i had unprotected sex one time more then one month ago but looking through the list of acute symptoms of HIV i have no rash, very little fever that went away after taking paracetamol pills, got one swallen gland for less then 24 hours but i cannot explain the all over body itching, anyone can advise ? .
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Hi reivilo! I don't think that this forum is the more adequate to give you an answer, because you're suffering a skin condition, no HIV or STD anxiety. Anyway, I think that the best you can do is to go to the doctor (a dermatologist maybe?). There are a lot of reasons for a skin condition!

Take care!
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