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Hello. I have been suffering from diarrhea for like a year already, doctors dont seem to know what it is. I've taken the hiv test 3 times this year the last one done on spetember with four months after the previous sexual encounter with another male partner in which i was active (top) and wore a condom. I did insertive oral sex without condom, but still i hear its a low risk.

I guess my question is, given my circumstances and testing negative on september with four months before the last sexual encounter, is it possible that my chronic diarrhea could be hiv related? I'm really worried 'cause doctors are not able to find the cause yet :(
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*** Im sorry: "...with four months AFTER my last sexual encounter."
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You never had a risk and you have tested negative, you dont have HIV thats for sure, 100% certain. What ever is going on with you is not HIV realted.

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Hi. Thank you. I know the 3 month period is ocnclusive, but could it ever be possible that it takes longer? my doctor told me that hiv takes up to six months to break out :(
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No mate. 6 months was outdated in 2004 :)
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Ok thanks man! I will rest for now but, i dont know if this is a mental disease or what, but i am sickly obssesed with the risk of hiv. its probably because i was raised real catholic and they say gays die of aids and burn in hell. I odnt know, anyway, thanks for your help.
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Well when they put that into your head it gives you doudt, but be assured that will never effect your results buds, its pure scare mongering, but pathetic tbh.

As long as you use condoms, you will be safe from HIV :)
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