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Extreme stress of HIV Positive result

hello Doctor, please advise me in below incident. I met an unknown lady with unknown HIV status, we had sex as we did not have condoms decided not to go for intercourse then I kissed her breast and RUBBED(Not nipple) she tried to insert my middle finger in her vagina but I did not do that just played around the area for 5 minutes over the panty then I realized I had one day old cut which not bleeding at the time then stopped fingering there. I was bitten by her on my hand and neck I did not see any visible blood coming out however that bite left red spot on the area and same got dissapperdin 4 to 6 hours without medical attention. she also kissed the bitten area for a while and left saliva there. apart from that no vaginal, anal, oral sex happend not even lip kissing was done.after 2 months I have swollen neck white tounge and tiredness which doesn not make me sleep. please advise me. I got tasetd HIV after 10 days and fund negative I no the period is too shot for testing but after 3 months I very scared for tasting and postivie result.
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Wooo.... Now now. Calm down and take a deep breath. Because there is nothing risky in that! :)
A day old cut is perfectly sealed and the scab provide as much protection as an undamaged skin. So that is nothing to worry about.
Biting? Nope. Never a single case reported of transmitting HIV from biting. Rest assured. :)
All in all, you did not have any risk at all! You can have my word and safely move on with your life, if this is the only activity you engaged in (I assume?) so be glad this time was just a small boo-boo you've made. ;)
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