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It seems Im the first posting here. Just what we needed.
I seem to be suffering from HIV anxiety because after doing a non risk activity as judged by the HIV prevention Forum Im always worrying and obssessing about HIV. Wherever I look or whatever I hear I link to HIV, telling OMG its  a Sign to tell me I am really infected.
So I ask myself a question? Is it really my head doing this  or is it really a sign that im infected and going to be the first infected trough fingering....

Well bottom line is I am linking every little pimple and rash I  have with HIV. And I loved the red colour and now I am starting to hate because its telling me Im infected.

My mind is making scenarios everyday about HIV and I get in panic mode when something about HIV is passing on the radio or TV and i feel as I need to flew from that place.

I am in desperate need of Help, as I cant move on neither test about my encounter.

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I am in the same boat - I engaged in a risk activity but tested negative 4 weeks after.  I know I don't have it, but, like you, attribute everything on my body to having HIV.  It is worse for me because when I stop thinking I have it, my girlfriend will have a rash or a mark and it starts all over for me.

It seems that when I am really busy (work, friends, etc) I tend to forget about it - it is when I have downtime that I begin to run it back through my head.

I think another test would be good for me - I know 4 weeks is 90%, but if I could hear it again, I think it would be beneficial.
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You guys aren't qualified to be your own doctor! There's a reason MDs go to school for 10+ years, and even then they still need to go to another doctor for their health concerns.

Association of 'symptoms' with HIV is the most common fallacy (and contributor to anxiety) on the HIV forums. I intend to elaborate on why this is a waste of time in my next journal.
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All of us are in the same boat...
Joggen... you have been here for a long time..In you experience has anyone come to this site with anxiety over HIV and then came back after 3 months to say they tested positive?
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Not that I'm aware of.
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