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HIV Anxiety - Symptoms present...

Basically, back in early February I had my first encounter. Had Sexual Intercourse with a girl, she was a fellow student; 18 and English, presumably her number of partners couldn't be that many considering her age.
Anyhow, after this exposure the following occured:

4 days after - Beginning of Fever/Flu symptoms/Swollen testacles.
2 weeks - Tiredness/weakness/tingling & Numbness on right side of body (still with me)
4 weeks- present: Fatigue when in busy places, on/off Mouth ulcers/Back pain/ numbness & Tingling/ Sore eyes/ skin is alll flakey/ CONSTANTLY bringing up phlegm!

I've had the following antibody tests in a UK GUM Clinic:

4weeks - Negative.
8 weeks - Antibody test negative.
11.5 weeks (80 days) - Antibody test negative
I regret not waiting the extra 4 days and getting a 3 Month Conclusive, and now i'm starting to wonder whether the Late stage HIV symptoms eg flaky skin & Peripheral Neuropathy means my immune system was too weak to produce antibodies in 11.5 weeks.... :( Should i get 1 more test?????? Help! :(
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As Lizzie told you, you never had a risk and never needed testing. Since you never had a risk the window period does not apply to you, but even if it did your 80 day test would be completely reliable. Four days makes no difference whatsoever. You do not have 'late stage HIV symptoms', do need additional testing and should move on with your life.

If you continue to have these concerns, you should discuss them with a mental health professional. That is all I have to say; this thread is over.

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'do need additional testing and should move on with your life. '
I'm guessing the 'DO'....is a typing error.
And thanks,
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Sorry, I meant you DO NOT need additional testing.
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